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star trek

Three Great Star Trek Comic Crossovers

Going boldly where no crossover has gone before

Now, Aliens vs. X-Men is a Crossover That’d Work

We've had Batman vs. Superman, now it's probably time for X-Men vs. Aliens, but then again this is Fox, so I think the idea I'm about to share with you will probably remain a dizzy daydream.
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Two Aliens Games Removed From Steam.

"New Year, New Me xoxo" - Steam. Or at least in my opinion that's what they said just as they got rid of Aliens: Colonial Marines as well as Aliens vs. Predators (2010). That's right, Steam have dropped two games but this time I don't think anyone is too fussed...

Alien Designer HR Giger Passes Away Aged 74

The world has been rocked this morning by the news that Hans Ruedi Giger, better known to many as HR Giger has passed away at 74 after injuries sustained in a fall. The surrealist art genius was best known for his work on design for the movie Alien but added his talents to a wide variety of other works and pieces. Born in 1940 in Switzerland the artist moved to Zurich to study architecture before making a career change into art. Many people make the assumption that Giger only designed the original Alien but his ledger of works goes much further, you may actually be surprised by how much work the Swiss designer did.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Extinction Episode 1: Nightfall Trailer

Activision and Infinity Ward has just released a trailer for the upcoming Exctinction Episode that'll be coming as part of the Onslaught DLC on January 28 exclusively first to Xbox Live.

Evolve – New IP from the Creators of Left 4 Dead

Turtle Rock Studios, the minds behind undoubtedly the best zombie game ever, Left 4 Dead, are currently in the process of building another multiplayer masterpiece in the form of an alien hunting, four-on-one hunt-em-up.

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation Images Reveal Pack Shot?

Creative Assembly have been pretty quiet on their Alien: Isolation project, but this morning we've seen some pretty interesting - and fairly green - concept art for the title which reveals some fairly interesting things.
Aliens: Colonial Marines

New Aliens game bursting out?

The internet is still rocking from the controversy of Aliens: Colonial Marines. However could there be another flog of the dead Xenomorph be coming soon? Trademarking says so.
Top 5 foot soliders

Top 5 Foot Soliders in all of N3rdom

It may say a lot about my career aspirations when I write this post but I think it'd be pretty fun to work as foot solider for a good or bad guy organisation. You'd get to go to exciting places and do exciting things but chances are you'll die. So here's comes my list of grunt jobs I'd gladly hand my CV in for, until I figured out what I really want to.
Aliens Cover

Aliens Colonial Marines – Review

You've watched the movies, you know that no one can hear you scream in space. Sadly though, SEGA can't hear you scream in frustration with Aliens Colonial Marines. I give games as much of a chance as possible, probably too much of a chance to impress me and it was no different with Aliens. Sadly though, the game just could not and did not deliver. At all...
Batman vs Predator

Why weird crossovers make superheroes more heroic

It's fair to say alongside a superheroes special powers or skills they're mostly wrapped up in plot armour...

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