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Best Buy To Rerelease Roy, Charizard, and Cloud Amiibo

Is there anything more frustrating than missing an Amiibo that has a limited release? Collectors and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, Best Buy has got...

The Binding of Isaac Amiibo Teased

On April 19 Nicalis, Inc teased that a The Binding of Isaac amiibo may be on its way. The team put up a Tweet...

Nintendo Shows Off New Amiibo

The ever popular toys-to-life series that Nintendo has given us is about to get bigger. Finally, we have new details regarding the last few...
amiibo close 2

Nintendo Could Bring Amiibo Support to Smartphones

Wouldn't it be awesome if Amiibo compatibility extended further than the 3DS and Wii U? Well, that could be happening, possibly, as Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that compatibility could be coming to smartphones.

New Splatoon Amiibo’s include Callie and Marie

So Splatoon continues to be awesome with the recent announcement that there will be a total of five new Amiibo released for the game....
Third wave amiibo figures

Nintendo is Sure Selling a lot of Amiibo

In 2014 Nintendo unveiled something at E3 which blew people's minds. They're called Amiibo, and have taken the world by storm. How do I know this? Well Nintendo has just announced sales figures in its latest earnings report, and revealed that the company has sold 20.50 million Amiibo figures and 21.5 million Amiibo cards, as of December 2015.
Shovel Knight Amiibo

Shovel Knight Amiibo – Hands-on Review

It's time to dish out some Shovel Justice once again. The newly released Shovel Knight Amiibo recently hit shelves after a slight delay over the winter period, but they're finally here. I got my Amiibo early last week and have had a play with it, so I think I can give a mini-review for what you can expect from it.
Shovel Knight Amiibo

Yacht Club Games Ensure Shovel Knight Amiibo Stock Will be “Plentiful”

Over the holiday break it was reported that the Shovel Knight amiibo, the first third party figure which is set to launch later this month, had launched on Amazon and Best Buy, only to quickly be taken down. This lead to many speculation that stock may be limited when the amiibo officially launches. Fortunately, that's not the case at all.

Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders / Amiibo Are to be Sold...

Remember when Activision and Nintendo announced a partnership for the new Skylanders Superchargers, which saw the game get a Bowser and Donkey Kong figure which also doubled up as Amiibo? Well good news is coming, as it seems the two are to be sold separately, outside of the Skylanders bundles.

Minecraft amiibo? This HAS to Happen

Following the announcement of the Shovel Knight amiibo, the first third-party created amiibo for Nintendo platforms, it's opened up the door to fans requesting developers to create amiibo of their own IP, and since Mincraft Wii U Edition was unveiled, Mojang has received a number of request for a Minecraft amiibo.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Gets a Release Date

Following the news that a handful of new Animal Crossing: amiibo had been revealed, Nintendo has announced when Animal Crossing fans will be able to get their hands o the upcoming Wii U title, Animal Crossing amiibo Festival.

Nintendo Unveils Four More Animal Crossing Amiibo

The world of Animal Crossing is just too damn adorable, and Nintendo know that. So it comes as no surprise that along side the already hefty line-up of Animal Crossing amiibo, Nintendo have a few more up their sleeves, and I'm not even mad.

Nintendo Unveils the Best Amiibo Ever

Yesterday the Internet went a little loopy over a tweet from the UK videogame retailler GAME which supposedly unveiled a brand new Amiibo - a Shovel Knight Amiibo. It was exciting and unbelievable, but today Nintendo has indeed confirmed that players will soon be able to purchase a Shovel Knight Amiibo.

This Mega Yarn Yoshi is Ridiculous, but I NEED IT.

The problem with Amiibo is that they're just too darn small. You can't cuddle them. The closest thing we have to a cuddly Amiibo is the Yarn Yoshi, but that's just too small. Thankfully Nintendo has been hearing our pleas and have announced the pending arrival of a gigantic huggable yarn Amiibo.

Unofficial Amiiqo Device Brings ALL Amiibo to your Wii U

A brand new unauthorised third party device has launched which allows users to back up their Amiibo figurine data for safe keeping. It also allows users to download data online and trick the Wii U into thinking you've scanned an Amiibo figure into your game.

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