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There’s ANOTHER Angry Birds Movie on the way

Sony Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have announced that they're making a sequel to The Angry Birds Movie.
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A Second Angry Birds Movie is Incoming…

Columbia Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have announced The Angry Birds Movie 2 which is set to hit theatres on September 20, 2019.

Angry Birds Developer Rovio is in a Flap after Financial Plunge

Finnish mobile developer and publisher Rovio, most widely known for their creation of the Angry Birds franchise and brand, has seen profits fall across the board for the 2014 financial year, reports Reuters. The company's total consolidated full-year revenue was also down by 9 per cent, year-on-year.

Angry Birds Film Cast Revealed, Includes some Comedy Greats

The WHAT? Yeah. There's a film coming.
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So, ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ is a Thing That’ll be Happening Soon..

Angry Birds Star Wars is one of the many successes Rovio have seen with partnering with other companies and it doesn't look like its going to end there. In a recent partnership with Hasbro, Finnish developers, Rovio, are merging the world of Transformers into the Angry Birds universe with Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Dev Rovio Reports Profits Halved During “Foundation Building” Year.

According to a recent earnings report from Angry Birds developer, Rovio, the year 2013 wasn't exactly a great one for profits. In what the Finnish company are calling a "foundation building" year they earned almost half of what they earned on 2012 despite releasing two new Angry Birds titles.
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Angry Birds Epic Gets a Trailer

We reported on the new iteration of Rovio's genre-spanning Angry Birds franchise last week, giving you a little insight to the details of the upcoming title's turn-based RPG style gameplay.

Angry Birds Epic is a Turn Based RPG!

Rovio Entertainment have been spreading their wings in a genre hopping adventure to cover new ground after catapulting understandably, slightly miffed avians into a number of structures...

Rovio Tease Medieval Angry Birds!

The relatively short video above looks like the next Angry Bird outing will be ye olde medieval times. The classic red bird has donned a full suit of armor for the trailer and looks ready to take down those bad piggies once more...

Rovio Announces Angry Birds Stella, a New Adventure Coming This Autumn.

These past few weeks we've had enough bird related news we could start a small aviary, it also looks like the bird related news isn't going to stop as Rovio have announced the launch of a brand new Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Stella.

Angry Birds Rio to Get a Nestful of Free DLC!

To celebrate the upcoming animated feature, Rio 2, Rovio have decided to bring you some new content for their 10 million plus downloaded title Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Go! Review, The Fast and the Feathery.

Angry Birds GO! launched this week, Rovio's first real flurry into the free-to-play market. As you might expect it's filled with a fair handful of in-app-purchases but does that distract players from the main aspect of the game?

Angry Birds Go! Comes Loaded with a Pretty Pricey £70 Car...

This week Angry Birds Go! the upcoming kart racing game from Rovio 'soft launched' in New Zealand giving mobile gamers the chance to play the game early and iron out any bugs, what we've found out since the launch is that the game is rife with in-app-purchases with one particular item costing an outstanding £70.
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Avian Downhill Motorsport Abound – Angry Birds Go! Has A Trailer

A lot of people were wondering just what Angy Birds Go! would entail after a few years of catapult/destruction gaming. Luckily, it's not centred around Thunderbirds or the 1999 movie about drug dealing... It's a karting game!

Lums iOS Review

Sometimes I find myself unable to think of a eye catching and engaging way to start my writing. Other times I'm just to angry or annoyed about the product I'm writing about. Today is the second, more cynical option. If at this point your still reading then allow me to explain further on why a little, rather charming iOS game called Lums, made me once again take up arms again back business practice in mobile games.

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