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E3 2019: George’s Top Picks

E3 2019 was a massive event with a real mixed bag of content, ranging from the gleeful smiles of hyping over trailers and flat...

E3 2019: Jonathan’s Top Picks

E3 2019 seemed fairly quiet compared to previous years. Aside from Nintendo, who went in with all guns blazing, the other conferences were fairly...

E3 2019: Angela’s Top Picks

Ah, yet another E3 has come and gone, and everyone has a lot of feelings about what we've seen, n3rdabl3 staff included. So what...

Animal Crossing Switch Release Date Leaked

The release date for Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch may have been leaked according to one publication. The Loot Gaming has apparently heard from...

Animal Crossing Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that a new Animal Crossing title will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.
animal crossing pocket camp featured image

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Lands This Week

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is set to launch worldwide on November 22, Nintendo has announced today.
Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Mobile Direct Coming This Week

Nintendo has today confirmed that they'll be holding a Nintendo Direct broadcast later this week to reveal more on its upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is Looking Fresh This Autumn!

Animal Crossing New Leaf is staving off the Autumnal colours with a breath of new life in the form of a huge free content update which went live yesterday.
Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem iOS Games Delayed

If you were wondering what the status of Nintendo's Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games were, then we may have some bad news: Nintendo has revealed that they've delayed both of the games until next year.
Animal Crossing

Nintendo is Bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to Mobile

Following the launch of Miitomo, many have been wondering what Nintendo has in store for us with its next mobile release. We were promised some familiar faces not too long ago, and now we may know who those faces will belong to.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival to lack online multiplayer

If you're one of the many people looking forward to the upcoming Nintendo title, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival for Wii U, then you might want to know that there may be no online multiplayer.

Nintendo Unveils Four More Animal Crossing Amiibo

The world of Animal Crossing is just too damn adorable, and Nintendo know that. So it comes as no surprise that along side the already hefty line-up of Animal Crossing amiibo, Nintendo have a few more up their sleeves, and I'm not even mad.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will send you broke

Last week I wrote a lengthy post on the new Animal Crossing games coming soon from Nintendo.  This week I've some more information, specifically...

Animal Crossing follow up: Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer

The announcement of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer happened a while ago, but at E3 last week, Nintendo announced another game in the franchise. ...

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