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Pokémon Go is Coming to the Apple Watch OHMYGODYES

During Apple's iPhone Keynote today, the company announced that Pokémon Go, probably the most explosively popular AR game, ever, will be coming to the Apple Watch. Yes, soon you'll be able to hunt for Pokémon right from your wrist.
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Square Enix’s Next RPG is an Apple Watch Exclusive

Although some games have been made for the Apple Watch, it looks like none of them will compare to Square Enix latest announcement: Cosmos Rings, a brand new RPG for the Apple Watch.
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Apple Watch Users are More Satisfied with their Wearable than Other...

Although the Apple Watch is yet to really be considered a success, a new study has found that those who own an Apple Watch are more satisfied with their wearable than other smartwatch users.
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Apple Watch 2 Rumoured to be Unveiled Later This Year with...

At Apple's somewhat disappointing WWDC, the company unveiled watchOS 3 which is set to make Apple's debut wearable much quicker and much intuitive, which is great. Later this year however, the company is expected to unveil their next-generation smartwatch that'll likely take the niche device to the mainstream.

Apple’s March 21st event: What to Expect

Apple will be holding its March 21 keynote later today and there are several things we are likely to see, ranging from hardware to software.

Neato Botvac Connected Update Brings Smartwatch Controls

Neato Robotics has this week rolled out a brand new update to the app which controls and monitors the Neato Botvac Connected to allow you to check the status of your robot vacuum right from your wrist.
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Smartwatch Sales May have Overtaken That of Swiss Watches

If you're a sucker for a traditional watch and scoff at the idea of a smartwatch, then it might be time to take notice. According to one research firm, sales of smartwatches may have overtaken that of Swiss watches for the first time ever.
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Apple Watch gets new Colours, Bands and WatchOS 2

Today at their event in California this evening, Apple announced a range of new Apple Watch colours and brands, along with the release date of WatchOS 2.
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Apple Reveals Another Positive Quarter, Stays Quiet on Apple Watch Sales

Another quarter, another financial report from Apple and once again the Cupertino company is reporting another fantastic quarter with positive growth from iPhones. Though it's staying surprisingly quiet about the Apple Watch.
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Apple Watch Sales are on the Decline

Who'd have thought the Apple Watch would start seeing a decline in sales? Pretty much everyone, actually. According to MarketWatch since the launch and the sudden influx of people clambering for one of the sought after wearables, sales have seen a decline of 90 per cent since opening week.

Apple Confirms Wrist Tattoos are a Problem for the Apple Watch

If you've got a full-sleeve or even the smallest tattoo on your wrist and hope to grab yourself an Apple Watch, don't waste your time as Apple has confirmed that tattoos on the wrist cause big problems for one of the Apple Watch's biggest functions, its heart-rate monitor. It seems the sensor can't quite interpret the blood flow when glancing through tattooed skin, causing its results to be inaccurate at best.
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iFixit Tears Down the Apple Watch Reveals 205 mAh Battery, Pulse-oximeter

The Apple Watch is only just being plopped on some peoples doorsteps (or being purchased in store despite what Apple says) and iFixit has already taken a screwdriver and prying tool to pull apart Apple's Watch Sport. What they found inside however was a little more interesting than expected. It seems you'll be charging your watch more often and in future more features may become available.
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Around One Million Apple Watches Have Been Ordered so far

The Apple Watch pre-sale launched last week and quickly went from being available at launch (April 24) to being available in 4-6 weeks, to being available in July/August time. Apple have yet to reveal numbers as to how many of its Apple Watch had been pre-ordered, research firm Slice Intelligence has a rough idea.
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Tim Cook: Apple Watch pre-orders are “great”

He said to CNBC that he had heard from a variety of countries about the wearable: "It's been incredible, this morning I got reports from all around the world from Japan to Australia to China to Germany to France to the UK, Canada and now in the US. It's extraordinary, customers are giving us great feedback and orders have been great as well."
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You Can Now Pre-order the Apple Watch.. Maybe, if You’re Quick..

Much like companies before it, Apple is opening up the Apple Watch pre-orders in waves, this is either because they've anticipated high demand, or they're expecting low sales and want to test the waters for now. Fortunately for Apple it's the former, as the half-eaten apple once again prevails and everyone who's anyone wants an Apple Watch. Well, you better be quick as some models and colours have already sold out.

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