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Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Unveiled, Subscription Service for iOS, Mac, Apple TV

During Apple's event this evening, the California company announced its own video game streaming service, Apple Arcade, exclusive to Apple devices. Now, don't expect this...

Apple Rumoured to Unveil Live Streaming Service This Month

Apple is planning an event on March 25 where it's rumoured to unveil its own movie and TV streaming service to rival Netflix. While things...

Steam Link App Rejected by Apple

Apple has put a stop to Valve's recently announced Steam Link app for iOS due to "business conflicts" meaning Apple users won't be able to stream PC games to their phones.

Apple Reportedly Eyes Move into Hollywood

According to the Financial Times, Apple is looking into moving its original content production over to The Culver Studios.

Apple is Finally Getting Involved with VR

During Apple's World Wide Developer Conference keynote yesterday the company announced their new macOS, High Sierra. With this new OS comes Metal 2, a new version of its graphics tech that'll support virtual reality hardware as well as external GPUs via Thunderbolt.
App Store

25 Percent App Store Price Increase in the UK Blamed on...

First we had Terry's Chocolate Oranges, then the Toblerone, now the App Store has been hit by the UK's apparent "need" to be independent from the European Union.
App Store

App Store Sets New Sales Record For New Years Day, 2017

The new year has been good for Apple as they have annouced that new years day was the busiest day ever with many records being broken.

Apple’s AirPods aren’t Available Yet Because Apple can’t get them to...

Along side the announcement of the iPhone 7 earlier this year Apple hoped to start a wireless revolution with the launch of their own wireless ear buds, also known as AirPods. However despite the iPhone 7 being on sale for some time, the AirPods are no where to be seen.

Apple Unveil new MacBook Pro with Touch ID and Touch Bar

We all expected it, and now it's here. Apple has unveiled the latest in their line of MacBook Pros and it comes with some fancy new features while omitting a few others. But is it a step in the right direction for Apple?

Here’s a $40 Dongle So you can Charge your iPhone 7...

Apple has killed the headphone jack, and while I personally don't see a problem with it, there is one little issue for those still reliant on wired connections: How do you charge your phone and listen to music through the Lightning port?

It Might Not be Courage, but Removing the Headphone Jack from...

After months and months of rumours, Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last night, and as expected the company had removed the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of both Lightining compatible and wireless headphones. As you may expect, people aren't happy about the idea. Myself on the other hand, couldn't be more thrilled.

Apple Announces Fully Wireless AirPods

During Apple's Keynote earlier this evening, the company unveiled something new. To make sure people had plenty of options now they're going to have to deal without having a headphone jack, Apple hopes their new fully wireless AirPods will do the job.

Apple Announces the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, with Water Resistance...

Following months of rumours, Apple has finally confirmed that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is indeed real, and like the many rumours, will come with a dual camera set up, and will be the first iPhone without a headphone jack. The device is set to launch on September 16 with pre-orders opening September 9.

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 2

At Apple's iPhone Keynote today, Apple COO Jeff Williams took to the stage to announce the next generation Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 2, and yes it'll be waterproof, or technically "swim proof" says Apple.

It’s Looking Increasingly Likely that the iPhone 7 Won’t Have a...

The iPhone 7 has yet to be announced officially by Apple, but already the rumour mill is churning overtime specifically regarding whether or not the new handset will come with a headphone jack.

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