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Batwoman is Coming to the Arrowverse

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that The CW's next big Arrowverse crossover will see Gotham and its heroine, Batwoman, coming to the show.
Teddy Sears as Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick “Zoom” in The Flash “Versus Zoom”

The Flash – “Versus Zoom” Review

The answers we've been waiting for as to the truth behind Zoom's identity, Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon, finally arrive this week as The Flash takes the fight directly to him. It uhh, kind of ended up being a mistake on their part.
Ciara Renée, Arthur Darvill, Matt Nable and Caity Lotz as Kendra Saunders “Hawkgirl,” Rip Hunter, Ra’s al Ghul and Sara Lance “White Canary” in Legends of Tomorrow “Left Behind”

Legends of Tomorrow – “Left Behind” Review

With the Time Master's bounty hunter Chronos boarding the Waverider and forcing Rip to leave Kendra, Ray, and Sara behind in 1958, enough setup was laid for en effective second part installment. In turn we got more than that, and perhaps the most well-rounded installment of Legends of Tomorrow yet, as the creators dove deep into the concepts of characters having their own personal timelines, and what happens when these get displaced from their allies.
Arrow “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

Arrow – “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” Review

From the instant Laurel said "One last time" before suiting up as the Black Canary it was all but confirmed that she was toast. Especially after the opportunity for her to finally become the DA, something she was striving for ever since the first season of the show. Having this grand emotional dilemma between choosing to pursue her career as Laurel Lance or her career as the Black Canary appear completely out of the blue didn't help her chances either. With the flashback involving Ollie missing her as his "home" on Earth, this was truly the end of her tale. And so she was buried, as were the dreams of any comic fan hoping to actually see the Green Arrow and Black Canary as the ultimate superhero couple. Goddamnit.
Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in Arrow “Beacon of Hope”

Arrow – “Beacon of Hope” Review

Even cyber criminals who aren't sent to jail are put under internet probation where they literally are not allowed to access anything online, so the concept that Brie Larven is able to hack her prison files to expedite her release is laughable in so many ways. But so is this entire villain. And this entire show episode.
Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin as Eobard Thawn’s Harrison Wells “The Reverse Flash” and Barry Allen “The Flash” in “Flash Back”

The Flash – “Flash Back” Review

Ok, hot damn. The instant the premise of this episode was announced, I figured "There's just no way. They're gonna muck it up. It can't actually be that awesome." and yet here I am. Knowing that the only way to gain the speed needed to defeat Zoom is to master the science of the Speed Force, The Flash sets out to learn the secrets of his old mentor: Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.
Allison Paige as Eliza Harmon “Trajectory” in The Flash

The Flash – “Trajectory” Review

Coming back from hiatus in a big way, The Flash dealt with the ramifications of learning Zoom's true identity while also fighting to stop a new speedster. What could have just been another "Rogue of the week" installment actually brought with it some interesting developments for the STAR Labs crew.
Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter “Cupid” in Arrow “Broken Hearts”

Arrow – “Broken Hearts” Review

Oh boy, Arrow. What are we going to do with you. Returning from hiatus after an excellent episode featuring a fully fledged superhero team up between Green Arrow and Vixen against the formidable odds of Damien Darkh that oh-so-unfortunately ended on a really lame note, decided to follow through almost completely on that note.
Mari McCabe and Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow – “Taken” Review

After three years of build-up, the revelation of Oliver's secret son William blew up into a fantastically busy episode of Arrow, that also managed to be a mini-crossover with The CW's animated series Vixen. With no other options available, Team Arrow had to use everything at their disposal to come at Damien Darkh and save William.
Oliver Queen and Ruvé Adams in Arrow

Arrow – “Code of Silence” Review

Given the gigantic reveal that not only did Malcolm know that Oliver had a son, but that he revealed this information to Damien Darkh seemed ripe for bringing an immediate, sudden and unexpected conflict to Team Arrow. Instead it appears that this will be paying off with next week's episode, as we primarily dealt with not the Green Arrow's struggle, but instead Oliver Queen's and his mayoral campaign.
Malcolm Merlyn in Sins of the Father

Arrow – “Sins of the Father” Review

Everything League of Assassins came to a point in Star City, with Nyssa al Ghul propositioning the Green Arrow to kill Malcolm Merlyn as Ra's al Ghul once and for all: bringing the League into civil war.
Arrow “Unchained”

Arrow – “Unchained” Review

The large recurring theme throughout all of this season on Arrow has been Oliver Queen's insistence on shouldering every burden. That everything that happened was his fault. Slowly he is beginning to move past this dismal view, and extending the weight of his burdens to his allies. While there were quite a few things that happened through this episode, it all came down to his internal struggle, which was a nice way to focus the installment, if not seeming a bit overdone with how much focus it has received thus far.
Arrow – A.W.O.L.

Arrow – “A.W.O.L.” Review

If it seemed a bit rushed for Andy to simply give away the lead to Damien Darkh's base last week on Arrow, this episode seems like a sprint to the finish for Andy's story. Choosing to give him a redemption arc and be free at the end of this one episode is a bold decision, but one that pays off in a very fraternally focused episode that gives an emotional payoff to their every interaction so far this season.

Top 5 Moments In The Flash “The Reverse-Flash Returns”

This week's episode of The CW's The Flash featured the highly anticipated return of season one's primary antagonist, Eobard Thawne A.K.A. Reverse-Flash! Of course, the episode featured plenty of other exciting moments too - come check out n3's top 5 moments from "The Reverse-Flash Returns"!

The Flash Comes Face-To-Face With The Reverse-Flash In New Clip

The Reverse-Flash was a highly formidable foe in the first season of The CW's The Flash - cold, calculating, spiteful, and more powerful than the show's protagonist, Barry Allen - and this wasn't even him at his strongest. In the end, The Flash couldn't even defeat him - he died at the hands of another. So, imagine the trouble The Flash faces now that a fully-powered Eobard Thawne has returned - spoiler alert: it's a lot!

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