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Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series has since been adapted into anime and a handful of video games.

Attack on Titan – Episode 37 (Season Finale) Review: Scream

So it's come to this. That moment where you realise not only is it all over but the questions that were answered only opened up...

Attack on Titan – Episode 36 Review: Charge

After having gone through two face towels to clean all my sweat away, I'm ready to let you know that this is the best...
Attack on Titan Episode 35 Children

Attack on Titan – Episode 35 Review: Children

There's been a heap of heroic moments from loads of different characters throughout this series. However, today's MVP was the nameless scout who used his...
Attack on Titan Episode 34 Review Opening

Attack on Titan – Episode 34 Review: Opening

As predicted last week, the shouting match between Eren and Reiner was quite spectacular, complete with speed lines and with a slow zooming shaky cam like a badly produced Nigerian movie. And similar to those Nollywood flicks, it was a little hard to take this episode seriously.
Attack on Titan Episode 33 Review

Attack on Titan – Episode 33 Review: The Hunters

The aftermath of last week's storm of an episode has brought us to a quieter place. A place filled with reflection as Mikasa, Armin and...
Attack on Titan episode 32 review

Attack on Titan – Episode 32 Review: Close Combat

After the rollercoaster of a reveal that was last week's episode, Eren and Reiner finally engaged in what can only be described as the clash...
Attack on Titan Episode 31 Review

Attack on Titan – Episode 31 Review: Warrior

Mark my words: Attack on Titan Episode 31 will go down in the anime history books for having one of the most chilling plot...
Attack on Titan Episode 30 review

Attack on Titan – Episode 30 Review: Historia

I knew this would happen. After singing praises upon last week's strong pacing and all around quality, episode 30 starts off with a flashback,...
Attack on Titan Episode 29

Attack on Titan – Episode 29 Review: Soldier

In order to keep to next outing as fresh as possible, I usually don't watch the preview material shown at the end of an episode....
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11

Attack on Titan – Episode 28 Review: To The Southwest

"Yo, I heard you like build-up, so I put some more build-up in your build-up!" - the motto of this week's episode. The plot...
Attack on Titan Episode 27

Attack on Titan – Episode 27 Review: I’m Home

I noticed two things about this week's episode. The first being that not all supporting cast characters are created equal. Sorry Sasha, nice work...
Beast Titan

Attack on Titan – Episode 26 Review: Beast Titan

Have you ever felt that strange feeling? The odd vibe of being away from somewhere familiar for a very long time, only for it...
aot season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2 Starts This Saturday

Polish your 3D manoeuvre gear and manoeuvre your ass to the sofa on April 1st because Attack on Titan is back! It's been 4 years since the franchise first hit the Internet so this old friend is more than welcome to visit. Here, take my spare key. Make yourself a sandwich why don't you? In fact, you can sleep in my bed. I'll take the floor.

How to Really Improve the Attack on Titan Survey Corps

Season two of Attack on Titan is on its way, but before that, it's time for me to consult and help the Survey Corps to become the best expeditionary wing of the human race has ever seen or hopefully will ever need.

My Thoughts on the Attack on Titan Movie

I thought the live-action Attack on Titan movie would do as a good test for the Blu-Ray function on my PS4, and to see if...

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