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Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series has since been adapted into anime and a handful of video games.


“Attack on Titan” comes to the UK on December 1st

After the anime became a worldwide sensation several years ago, Part 1 of the live-action adaptation of "Attack on Titan" will be making it's anticipated debut in the UK on the first of December for a limited time only.
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Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan Game Looks like Hectic Fun

I'll be honest, I've never seen an episode of Attack on Titan, nor have I read any of the manga, but I do know about the overall concept and it sounds pretty interesting. However, this latest trailer from Koei Tecmo for their Attack on Titan video game just looks absolutely mental.

A brief thought on Attack on Titan

What do I think of Attack on Titan? Well get ready to find out.

Here’s the First Full Trailer for Live-Action Attack on Titan

The last teaser released for the live-action Attack on Titan movie didn't fill us with that much hope. Sure, the brief look at the Titans in the movie was intriguing enough, but we wanted to see more, much, much more. Thankfully this latest trailer for Attack on Titan shows just that. And there's me thinking the movie was going to be one of those flicks where the horror is kept behind the camera or out of shot.. Phew.
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This Attack on Titan Live-action Trailer Has No Titans..

Set for a Summer release in Japan, the live-action remake of the popular manga series of the same name, Attack on Titan, has revealed its first trailer, and though there's a lot of screaming and a slight glimpse of a Titan, there's actually very little to give us hope that the flick will live up to the manga.

Capcom Unveils Attack on Titan Arcade Game

Attack on Titan, the popular Japanese anime which sees humongous skinless giants terrorising a walled city in order to feast on the inhabitants inside, is set to get its own arcade game, Capcom has announced this week. Capcom unveiled the arcade title this week at the Japan Amusement Expo 2015.

Marvel and Attack on Titan Crossover Revealed

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the giant skinless Titans from Attack on Titan were thrown into the Marvel Universe? Or if Spider-Man used his web to help Eren Yeager take down the giant human eating monstrosities? Well you won't have to wonder much longer as it's actually going to happen. Marvel and Attack on Titan are getting a glorious crossover!

Atlus May be Bringing Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of...

A recent classification has just appeared on the Australian Classification Board for "Attack on Titan" for the Nintendo 3DS which suggests that Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind may be have been localised for English-speakers after all. This also confirms the rumoured partnership between Atlus and developer Spike Chunsoft may have worked out too.

Attack On Titan: The Last Wings Of Mankind Could be Coming...

Attack on Titan: The Wings of Mankind is coming west according to Siliconera's source inside Spike Chunsoft. The Attack on Titan game was released on the 3DS in Japan last December and has sold well both physically and digitally.

Attack On Titanfall!

What happens when one of the biggest series from the east and a new up and coming one from the west combine? Attack on...

Want To See A Titan From The Live Action Attack On...

Japan is quite famous for its crazy adverts, one that sticks out is the first 'scarevertisment' for a tire company involving a creep little girl appearing in the center of the road before teleporting next to the drivers window giving a jump scare. This advert had to be pulled from screens after a lot of complaints where filed.

Attack on Titan Review.

It isn't very often I find enjoyment in fan made games of a certain type of game, show or comic book. They always seem to be poorly made, badly thought out and horrendously copied clones. But such is life another one is made and comes across my path; however, this one is surprisingly well thought out and well made.

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