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Awesomenauts Starstorm

Awesomenauts Kickstarter meets required fund in just a week!

Romino Games' 2D multiplayer platformer Awesomenauts exceeded its original required funding in just 7 days. Ronimo started the Kickstarter as a means of funding a new expansion called Starstorm, which will introduce new characters, new maps, dual stick compatibility and a spectator mode.

Awesomenauts is coming to PlayStation 4

Romino Games have announced that Awesomenauts will be making it's way to Sony's next-gen PlayStation 4 but that's not all, the 2D sidescrolling MOBA will come with all of the latest updates found in the PC version, which includes an extra map, additional characters and customisable skins.

Steam Summer Sales Day 9

Day 9 of the Steam Summer Sales (19/07/13) and I'm still here! We're getting close to the end of the sales, but we'll keep on trucking forward with 5 more bargains that I feel are particularly good from the selection

Humble Indie Bundle 8 Continues to Offer Great Games for a...

The guys over at Humble Bundle are offering another set of great games to users, for which they can pay as much or as little they want and as always the money raised is used to support good causes...

Happy Birthday Awesomenauts!

The insanely popular platform MOBA brawler, Awesomenauts turned one today and to celebrate Ronimo Games released a video showing how the game has come along in the past year. Be warned, it's awesome.

Awesomenauts- Vinnie and Spike

It's been awhile since I last played Awesomenauts, and quite frankly I felt guilty. I praised this game a lot last year, and I...

Advent Calendar Event Day 19 – Awesomenauts

Gamers listen up! I’ve preached for a hell of a long time on this website about the awesomeness of Awesomenauts, and now that the...

Awesomenauts- Raelynn Inbound For Halloween Update

Following the 1.8 Update for popular 2D Multiplayer platform game Awesomenauts, Romino Games have revealed that the latest edition to the character list is...

Awesomenauts- Skolldir is here!

Romino Games have yet again released a new character into the world of Awesomenauts, this time in the form of a large, metallic, Scottish...

Awesomenauts- New Image, New Character?

2D Multiplayer battle platform game Awesomenauts by Romino Studios has recently seen the reveal of some new DLC, entirely in the form of new...

Awesomenauts- Aimed for Infinity. Went Beyond!

Newly released on Steam is the 2D Multiplayer Indie game Awesomenauts, whose main focus is to pit players against each other to battle to...

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