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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

My Thoughts on Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition

Batman vs. Superman received a strong critical backlash and was pretty much panned by critics at the start of the summer. Does the Ultimate Edition with its longer run time improve the finished product?

How I Think Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Came About…

So, I've just gotten in from watching Batman vs. Superman. I've been trying very hard to avoid reviews and spoilers. I've seen the rating it has on Rotten Tomatoes, but that's about it.

An R-Rated Batman vs Superman Cut Could Be On The Way!

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment are almost ready to release the second entry into the DC Extended Universe [DCEU], Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, unto the world. But beyond that, older fans have something else to look forward to - the MPAA has recently revealed that it has rated a Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray - and it's rated R!

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor Look Revealed

Some mixed murmurs were made when Jesse Eisenberg was cast as the role of infamous supervillain Lex Luthor, but now we get to see...

Zack Synder Releases Shots of the new Batmobile

Finally, a full frontal shot of the World's Greatest Detective's ride.

#SDCC Shines a Light on Batman vs. Superman

The lines have been drawn this past weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. We got our first look at Wonder Woman and now we've got a look at the two titular heroes in action. The video, which you can see above, displays footage of DC's panel in Hall H on Saturday which shows Batman shinning the Bat Signal on Superman who appears to powering up his heat vision, or he's under mind control.

The Official Batman vs. Superman Movie Title is Revealed, Logo Inside.

Warner Brothers have released the official logo and tag line for the upcoming superhero clash, Batman vs. Superman, or as it's called: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

First Look at Ben Affleck as Batman & Batmobile from Batman...

We've been hearing the rumours since last summer. We've been told that this Batsuit will be a bat-nipple above the rest and will be like nothing we've even seen before.

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