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Should We be Worried About EA and the Titanfall Launch?

In a recent off-the-cuff red carpet interview at a D.I.C.E. awards show, Rockpapershotgun's Nathan Grayson was able to ask - or somewhat 'grill' - EA's chief creative officer Richard Hilleman regarding the gaming giant's past failures...

UK Charts | FIFA 14 Still Top of The League.

FIFA 14 is still sitting pretty at the top of the UK Games Chart, now only one more week away from beating the efforts of Zumba Fitness from all the way back in 2011 for the longest reigning number 1 game. EA will no doubt be keeping a close eye on the charts goings on in the run up to next weeks results.
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EA Postpone Battlefield 4 Premium Exclusive Double XP Weekend Event.

Subscribers to Battlefield Premium won't be too pleased to hear that the upcoming double XP event that was set to begin yesterday has actually been postponed to a later date that's currently unknown.
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DICE Rolled, BattleField 4 Updated

A new patch has been rolled out by DICE who hope to fix many of the bugs that were present on the release of Battlefield 4 on all platforms. The update clocked in at just over 1GB and has an extensive list of patch notes which begin with a quick statement from DICE.

Hazard Cinema Execute an Epic 64 Man Base Jump on Battlefield...

In a video that looks like it may have taken the entire game time to organise, and resulting in only two-ish minutes of footage was definitely well worth it. Hazard Cinema has probably captured gaming history. A 64 Man Base Jump on Battlefield 4.
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n3rdBurst Episode 6 – Battlefield 4

This weekend has been a weekend where bullets and death have flown over the fields of internet war across the PS3 Xbox360 and PC in the epic Battlefield 4. However not all of us have had chance to play it and as a result, I've decide to play a little and stick it into an episode. It's totally not because I didn't want to play anything else I promise you. Oh that? That's just my nose sorry it's growing.
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Sponsored Video | This Is Battlefield 4 Multiplayer.

We've had our grubby little mitts on Battlefield 4 here in the UK for a good few days and I'm sure there's a handful of us who have completed the campaign and have moved onto the Multiplayer, I'm also sure  there's a huge handful of you who purchased Battlefield 4 purely for the multiplayer. Why? Just watch this video!

UK Charts, Assassin’s Creed IV Takes Top Spot, Battlefield 4 Comes...

In the past week we saw the release of two of the biggest titles this year, Assassin's Creed IV and Battlefield 4, unsurprisingly both of them debut in first and second respectively, knocking Batman Arkham Origins off of the top spot, all the way down to fifth place with FIFA 14 holding strong in third.

Battlefield 4 At 2,500 Frames Per Second.

To celebrate the launch of Battlefield 4 last week The Slow Mo Guys and EA have teamed up to bring the game's eye-melting destruction to vivid life by blowing up a building, but not just that, they filmed it at 2,500 frames per second so you can watch the destruction in slow motion.
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Battlefield 4 DLC will bring BF3 favourites to new title

Battlefield 4 has been on shelves for less than a day and EA have already revealed which maps will be included in the first DLC for the title, Second Assault, which will be released on November 22...

Playstation 4’s Thirty Two Launch Titles Revealed

For everyone picking up Sony's next generation beast of a console, the final list of games available for launch day release has been confirmed.

Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Mandatory Install Problems Problems Addressed by EA.

Battlefield 4 has been available in the US for just over a day now and some players have been reporting problems with the mandatory install which is required to play the game on the Xbox 360. EA have addressed the problem and have explained that the data must be installed on the Xbox 360 hard drive and not any other form of external storage.

Rumour: BlockBuster May Not be Getting Stock of Call of Duty:...

Yesterday the UK's biggest brick-and-mortar movie and video game rental store, BlockBuster, went into administration for the second time this year. We reported that the company won't be honouring Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pre-orders and now according to our source familiar with the company, Blockbuster may not be getting stock for this years most anticipated titles and will offer in-store credit to customers who have pre-ordered.
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Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC Available on December 3rd

According to an update on Battlefield 4's Battlelog, DICE plan on releasing the China Rising DLC first exclusively to Battlefield Premium members on December 3rd with everyone else getting the DLC two weeks later on December 17.
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Battlefield 4 Beta Impression – now with 67% Added Trailer

Those of us not trying to get into GTA Online since October 1st were whiling our time away doing a number of things. Myself and quite a few others in the world were taking part in the Battlefield 4 Premium and then Open beta.

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