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EA is Giving Away a Bunch of Battlefield 4 and Hardline...

With EA scheduling a Battlefield announcement on May 6, the company has decided to reward players with a butt-load of free DLC for their last Battlefield titles, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline.

Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Release Date Announced

EA Games has today announced that the next instalment of DLC for Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, will be available later this week on September 16 for Premium members.
battlefield hardline criminal activity

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC Lands in June

EA have revealed details of the first DLC pack for Battlefield Hardline entitled Criminal Activity. It's set to be available for early access in June for Battlefield Premium owners and will come with a handful of new maps, rides, weapons, and more.
battlefield hardline

80 Per Cent of Battlefield Hardline Sales were on PS4 /...

During EA's earnings calls yesterday the publisher revealed that the majority of sales of it's latest Battlefield title were for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company also relayed its expectations of the new consoles install base growing to reach 50 million.
Battlefield Hardline

UK Gaming Charts: Battlefield Hardline Secures Fourth Crown this Week

EA's Battlefield Hardline has secured its fourth consecutive number one this week staying ahead of FIFA 15, also an EA title. It's likely the lack of releases this week played a huge part as the charts shift around mostly with already released titles.
Battlefield Hardline

UK Gaming Charts: Battlefield Hardline Holds Onto First Place for Third...

Following this long Easter Weekend, Chart-Track has finally released this week's UK gaming chart figures, and surprise surprise, Battlefield Hardline is still in the top spot despite a fourty per cent drop in sales. Elsewhere in the charts GTA V has shot up to second place with a thirty five per cent increase in sales over the Easter break.
battlefield couch

Lookout! the Battlefield Hardline Couch has Just got a Little Softer

In the first patch for Battlefield Hardline EA are addressing some of the issues people have been having with the hidden drivable couch. It seems that it's just too overpowered. Thankfully this latest patch nerfs the couch a little making it less leathal.
Battlefield Hardline

UK Gaming Charts: Battlefield Hardline Fends off Bloodborne for the Top...

One of EA's best selling titles so far this year, Battlefield Hardline, has managed to fend of the challenge from From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne, in the UK charts this week, with the game outselling the new release by 22,500 units.
battlefield hardline

UK Gaming Charts: Battlefield Hardline Steals the Top Spot

Following the release of Grand Theft Auto V's heists update, the game shot back into first place last week, now, a game which also features bank heists and other robberies, has hit the top spot and also lands EA their first number one of the year with Battlefield Hardline. Crime certainly pays in this case.
BF hardlinevideo

Sponsored Video: This Battlefield Hardline Trailer is Explosive!

EA and Visceral Game's Battlefield spin-off, Battlefield Hardline, finally launches this week after the game suffered a few delays. The past few months we've all managed to get a chance to dive into the Beta, and we're all pretty pumped for the game, but what exactly can we expect from the single player?
Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline: There’s No Time to Explain.. I’m Driving a Couch

There's often a series of hidden surprises in video games giving a subtle tip of the hat to pop culture, other video games, or past games from the developers themselves. This one found in Battlefield Hardline however, is just a little.. odd.
battlefield hardline e3video

Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer – Lets Play Cops And Robbers

Battlefield Hardline is almost upon us are you ready for one of the biggest game of cops and robbers ever? Here it is, the launch...
BF hardline

Battlefield Hardline Console Resolutions Confirmed by Visceral

For a while now we've been wondering whether Battlefield Hardline will step up the image resolution of the Battlefield series from Battlefield 4's fairly surprising 720p on Xbox One and 900p on PlayStation 4. But for those hoping for 1080p60 on the latest-gen consoles, unfortunately you're out of luck as it seems Visceral will be sticking with Battlefield 4's resolutions.
battlefield hardline

EA Unveil Battlefield Hardline Premium Program which Covers 4 DLC Drops

Battlefield Hardline is set to get four DLC drops that'll be covered by the game's Premium plan, EA has announced today. Priced at £39.99 the premium plan will not only bag you the DLC, but it'll also include some additional goodies too.

Dinosaurs Confirmed for Battlefield Hardline.. Sort of..

Ever since a pretty convincing Battlefield 3 image was posted online which depicted a dinosaur in amongst the tanks and orange lights of Battlefield promotional assets, there has been a calling for dinosaurs to make an actual appearance in a Battlefield game, and EA may have just answered everyone's prayers... in a way.

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