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‘Battlefield 2018’ Easter Egg Expanded ‘THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING’

The recent Battlefield Easter Egg Search has been further expanded through a Morse Code message, sent out via Twitter, on May 11. The Message Reads: "GOOD...

EA Teases Next Battlefield Game, Anthem Release Window

EA Games held their quarterly earnings call yesterday during which the company revealed some information about their two upcoming titles, Battlefield and Anthem.
BF3 stretch

Battlefield to get Battle Royale Mode? Because of Course it is…

Following the rumours that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be getting a battle royale mode, another tipster comes out to suggest Battlefield V will also be getting the same treatment.

The Next Battlefield Won’t be Bad Company 3 After All…

Looks like the previous Battlefield Bad Company 3 rumour might have jumped the gun a bit, as it's now been revealed that the next Battlefield title will focus on WW2.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Incoming?

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 might be the next big Battlefield game from EA if rumours are to be believed.

The Portrayal of War in Video Games

As gamers, we have always had an unhealthy obsession with war. On one hand, war is full of tragedy, violence and atrocity. On the other it's an action packed, strategic and dynamic subject rife for exploration via game mechanics. The simple act of firing a weapon is made extremely satisfying in games and warrants the need for something to shoot at.

Battlefield is Getting its Own TV Series

Here's a bit of an odd story... Battlefield is getting its own television series... A game known more for its multiplayer content than its fairly awful campaign...

War: Never Been So Much Fun – The Best War Games...

War is a subject that many developers deem to be a perfect prospect for the basis of an exciting game. I can't argue that...

Early Art for the Next Battlefield Game Leaks Ahead of Announcement

Some early art for the upcoming Battlefield game has been leaked thanks to a whoopsie by someone over at Microsoft who may have published the dashboard page a little early.

DICE Confirm “Next Battlefield” is Now in Development

DICE Development Director Dan Vanderlind has confirmed that the next battlefield is in the works. However, details are thinner than our cash being spread during the holiday season...
battlefield hardline

Battlefield Hardline breaks into EA Access Vault

Less than a month after its most recent DLC was released, EA and Viscerals' Battlefield Hardline has been added to the 13 other titles in the EA Access Vault.

EA Reveals “New Battlefield Experience” is Coming Next Year

It's once again time for investor calls and financial reports and while for the most part, talk of money can be a bit of a bore, often news regarding future releases is revealed and that's exactly what's happened in EA's latest earnings call.

DICE is Working on a Third Unannounced Title

If you thought DICE wasn't already working hard enough, what with Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge Catalyst, you'll be pleased to know that the developer is also hard at work on another unannounced title.
battlefield hardline e3

EA is Rewarding Existing Battlefield Players in Hardline

Electronic Arts announced on Wednesday that they will be rewarding existing Battlefield players when Battlefield Hardline launches next month.

EA’s New ‘Battlefield Weekly’ Live Show Debuts Today!

Today sees the launch of new Live Stream Community Show 'Battlefield Weekly', a 10 episode series hosted by EA's Dan Sheridan.

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