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Play Battlerite Royale for FREE This Week

Stunlock Studios has announced that Battlerite Royale, the battle royale spin-off of Battlerite, will be playable all week, absolutely free.

Battlerite Royale Early Access Trailer Released

Stunlock Studios has released the launch trailer for their upcoming battle royale game, Battlerite Royale, which blends top-down MOBA-style gameplay with battle royale mechanics.

Battlerite Royale Launch Date Announced

Stunlock Studios has announced the Battlerite standalone battle royale spin-off, Battlerite Royale, will be launching on Early Access on September 26.

Battlerite Royale will Cost $20, 50% Off for Champions Pack Owners

Stunlock Studios has announced that their Battlerite battle royale spin-off, aptly named Battlerite Royale, will be launching for $19.99.

Battlerite Royale Drops A Gameplay Trailer

While Stunlock Studios had previously announced that Battlerite Royale would be a separate entity on Steam, we've finally had a trailer drop to show the game in motion!

Battlerite Royale To Be Standalone Game

Stunlock Studios have announced that Battlerite Royale, their highly anticipated spin-off Battle Royale game mode will not be included in the core Battlerite game. Instead, Battlerite Royale will be it's own Steam Early Access title.

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