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Battlestar Galactica and Voltron: The Missed Crossover

Times are changing for Battlestar Galactica and Voltron. These two obscure franchises are yet again being thrust into the limelight after many years of relaxed slumber in the geeky shade of pop culture.

Dear Dynamite Comics, an open letter

Dear Dynamite, Hope you're well, I know it's been a while. I mean I've been reading a lot of different things lately, but just know...

A Brief History of Battlestar Pegasus

If you're a Battlestar fan, you're probably reading that title and thinking "I know the origin of the Battlestar Pegasus, the other ship from Battlestar Galactica." Well like the well known business man and ruffian known as Alexander Luthor (Lex to his friends and his enemies) "Wrong!!!"

A brief history of Battlestar Galactica Memorial

It's a never-ending journey. A walk that will never end to find more Battlestar Galactica stuff to consume. Now I've gone through all the...

A Brief History of Battlestar Galactica Season Zero (Part 3)

I told you I'd get round to it. The final part of my brief on Dynamite Comics' Battlestar Galactica Season Zero, the series which follows...

A brief history of Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck and Helo

Yes, it's another Battlestar Galactica article. Most of you are probably thinking, 'If he's such a fan, how come he didn't mention the German...
Battle Star Galactica 1880

2014 Comic Highlights: Steam Punk Battlestar Galactica

So it's December and it's time to look back. A time to examine the goings on of the past comic book year, and things that have caught my attention and that I should tell you all about. So for our first instalment were going to talk about Steam Punk Battlestar Galactica 1880 published by Dynamite Comics.

A Brief History of Battlestar Galactica Season Zero (Part 1)

Recently I've set myself a personal goal. The goal is expand my horizons, and I'm going to achieve this by reading a wider rangers of comics. I've been delving into different genres, different publishers and anything that differed from my usual reading diet of Spider-man and co. So I began to do keyword searches on Comixology and see what came up.

Was Starbuck a Woman in a Refrigerator?

So yeah, it's another one of those posts about Galactica again, can you tell I've been addicted to something recently? This time however, we're going to talk about a great actor of nerdom, Katee Sackhoff, but never fear comics fans, we've got plenty for you as well.
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A Brief History of Captain Valerii

So now I've finished watching Battlestar Galactica I'm in the middle of the typical extensional crisis you experience after finishing a TV show, wondering where your life is going now and how you're going to fill the void. I'm attempting to fill this void with comics.

Discount Comic Finds: Battlestar Galactica: The Manga

Guess what I do outside of reading comics and manga? Watching space operas. A TV genre I sorely miss with the current Zeitgeist of science fiction on TV. So with that being said, let me tell you the tale of how I acquired this specific product and exactly what I thought of this manga spin-off.

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