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Watch Dogs: Legion Becomes a Topic of Debate on BBC

Watch Dogs: Legion is already making headlines, as the title became a topic of debate on the BBC, following its announcement at E3 2019. Watch...

The BBC to Tour UK Libraries With Virtual Reality Experiences

Over the course of the summer, the BBC is planning on doing a countrywide tour of UK libraries to showcase demo sessions of its...

Killing Eve Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

Get prepared to be constantly checking over your shoulder for eclectic Russian killers, as BBC America has announced that April 7 sees the release...

Notflix – A Netflix Review of the BBC Crime Drama ‘River’

Having aired on BBC One back in 2015, it appeared on Netflix in later that very year - but is it worth a watch?
BBC Micro Bit

BBC’s micro:bit Computer is Now Available to All

Following a number of delays, the BBC finally began launching its mini-computers, the micro:bit, to Year 7 students across the UK this March. Now that this roll-out has almost completed, the BBC is set to open access to the micro:bit to all for as little as £13.

UK Channel, BBC Three, is Now Officially Online-only

After airing its final show last night, BBC Three, the home of American Dad reruns as well as shows such as Russel Howard's Good News, Don't Tell the Bride, Family Guy, and much more, has come to a close and will finally be moving online.

Robot Wars is Returning to BBC 2

In the 90s there were two things I really wanted to do. I wanted to take part in the Crystal Maze and I also wanted to create my own robot to enter into Robot Wars. Unfortunately both of those programmes were cancelled before I became old enough to enter, but hope is not lost as one of those shows is returning!

Is There A Timey Wimey Shake-Up Brewing?

Okay, Whovians… Try not to panic, as none of this has been confirmed by anyone that matters, alright? Take a deep breath.

BBC’s Grand Theft Auto Movie: The Gamechangers, has a trailer

After a shaky road to actually becoming a reality, the BBC's docu-drama, The Gamechangers, has finally been confirmed.
BBC Micro Bit

BBC micro:bit Final Design Revealed, Free for Year 7 Students

The final design for the BBC Micro Bit (stylized as "micro:bit") educational miniature computer system has been unveiled by the broadcaster, showing off the new features implemented since the prototype was shown earlier this year.

Rockstar Files Lawsuit Against the BBC over Game Changer

In a surprising turn of events, Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive have filed a lawsuit against the BBC for trademark infringement in relation to the upcoming drama, Game Changer, which is said to focus on Rockstar Games during the release of the first Grand Theft Auto videogame.

No BBC iPlayer for You, Non UK Citizens

The subscription based version of the BBC iPlayer for those outside of the UK, BBC iPlayer Global, is getting the axe, the BBC announced yesterday. From May 26 and June 26 those with subscriptions to BBC's catch-up service outside of the UK will no longer be able to use it. The dates are pretty confusing, but it simply means that the dates above will be the last day you can access the service whenever your subscription ends within that month-long period.
daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe to play Grand Theft Auto Creator?

A little while ago we learned that Grand Theft Auto was getting a documentary drama covering the development of the game series, which would be made by the BBC. Now Daniel Radcliffe appears to be in talks over playing the creator, co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser.

Sherlock Christmas Special will be set in Victorian Britain

With only eight months left until we can get our next Sherlock fix, some details have been released regarding the setting of the one-off episode. It seems we'll be taking a trip back in time to the Victorian era. Steven Moffat, the show's writer, has revealed the information which will be a big step away from the shows usual modern-day setting.
The Doctor and the Dalek Screenshot

Want to Learn How to Code? Perhaps Dr. Who Can Help!

The BBC are the latest to join in with the likes of Google in an effort to introduce coding to a younger generation with The Doctor and the Dalek, a new Dr. Who game staring the latest Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, that's been designed to teach kids some basic coding skills.

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