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Doctor Who

Jenna Coleman To Leave Doctor Who At Christmas?

The British news paper, The Mirror are reporting that Jenna Coleman will be leaving Doctor Who this Christmas. While Jenna will have only appeared as Clara in 24 episode by the time the Christmas Special come around she will have been one of the longest serving companions because of the long breaks between series 7 and the 2013 Christmas Special and the Christmas Special and Series 8...
Doctor Whovideo

First Full Doctor Who, Series 8 Trailer Released

The BBC have released the first fall trailer for Doctor Who, Series 8, and it looks amazing. Giant Dinosaurs roaming London, Darleks, a robot that looks a lot like a Turian from the Mass Effect series and a brand new Doctor.

Elementary! Sherlock Returns for One-off Special and a Fourth Season!

Holy Ham! Sherlock is returning to our TV screens in a one-off special which will then be followed by a fourth season! The BBC teased a Sherlock announcement last night saying that at 2:21 UK time, we'll be getting a "big" Sherlock announcement. Well, you can't get bigger than that, right?

Bring Towels: The Hitchhiker’s Guide Text Adventure Gets an Anniversary Update

Blurring the ever-thinning line between fiction and reality is a conquest which many a developer has happily taken on to allow for full immersion; but how about we take five? Alright, I'll put the kettle on. Tea, milk, one sugar?...

Orphan Black Is Back! Soon..

Orphan Black was one of the best new series from last year. The amazing Tatiana Maslany plays members of a Illegal human cloning experiment. During the first season of the show we were introduced to at least 6 different clones each with there own characteristic and feel. Tatiana Maslany does an amazing job of creating a verity of nuanced characters, its easy to believe there is a Tatiana Maslany cloning center out there somewhere.
BBC News Lies

BBC's Grand Theft Auto V link Misleading and Potentially Inflammatory

"Man Stabbed 'Over Grand Theft Auto Game' " reads the shocking link. But the story itself paints a different picture.

Yes, a twenty three year old man was stabbed on his way home from the shops, where he just so happened to have bought GTA V. Yes, GTA V was stolen - but so too were his phone and his watch. So why not 'Man Stabbed 'Over his watch and his phone', which works just as well? Or how about 'Man Stabbed on Way Home from Shopping Trip?' or even not covering it at all.

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