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4 Interesting Facts About Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, the Japanese superhero team that taught the world how to hug and fist bump as well kicking some bad guy butt,...

Titanfall 2’s Campaign is Basically Big Hero 6: The Game, and...

I've just finished the campaign for Titanfall 2. And I can't help but find the story oddly familiar. Now, let me quickly sum it up for you, though bear in mind that there will be spoilers for the Titanfall 2 story, as well as Marvel / Disney's Big Hero 6...

Big Hero 6 Content will Appear in Kingdom Hearts 3

Like we needed another excuse to be excited for Kingdom Hearts 3, but alas, there's more which has us totally pumped here at n3 towers. Baymax and the gang will be making an appearance in the upcoming adventure mash-up game, Kingdom Hearts 3. Now all we need is a damn release date.

Feature: Funko POP! Vinyls from the Big and Little Screens

If you've been wanting to dive into the world of collecting Funko POP! Vinlys but have no idea where to start, we've decided to take a look at what's happening in the world of gaming and movie releases to see how you can kick-start your collection with something you've probably fallen in love with recently, or something you think you'll be falling in love with.

Big Hero 6 Characters Land in Disney Infinity 2.0

If you haven't already twigged from the Box Art of the Toy Box Bundle for Disney Infinity 2.0, Marvel's colourful cast from Big Hero 6 will be making their video game debut in the game in 2015 bringing mind powers and super strength to the games Toy Box mode - oooh fancy.
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Baymax Offers a Helpful Tip for Swimmers in New Big Hero...

Big Hero 6 is Marvels second curveball move that's bringing an unlikely cast of heroes to the big screen. First we had Guardians of the Galaxy, which we all know everyone loved, and up next is Big Hero 6, a little known collective of heroes from deep in Marvels vault. In this latest featurette debuting new footage for the movie, Baymax offers some helpful tips for those who plan to swim on a full stomach.
BIG HERO 6video

New Trailer for Disney’s Super Hero Flick; Big Hero 6

A new trailer for Disney's Big Hero 6 has hit the Internet. It adds a little flesh to what is currently known about the film, where before we only new a setting, a child robotics prodigy and a big padded robot.
big hero 6video

Disney Announce the Official Voice Cast for Big Hero 6 Along...

Finally, after months of rumours as to who'll be voicing Hiro, Baymax, and the gang, Disney have released the official voice acting cast for the upcoming Disney and Marvel movie, Big Hero 6!
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Big Hero 6 Squeezes Out a Trailer

Wonder why I've used the word squeeze in my title? Well, Disney have released a trailer for their upcoming animation, Big Hero 6, showcasing Marvels first animated Disney feature from the team who bought us all Frozen and Wreck it Ralph, if you watch it, you'll understand.

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