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Bioshock Remasters Might Be Getting Individual Releases

Even though you can purchase all three fantastic Bioshock Remastered games as a collection, and literally play any of them whenever you like, it appears each title will be getting their own, separate release.

Is There a New BioShock Game in the Works at Secret...

It's been suggested that a brand new BioShock game is currently in development by a "top-secret" studio located near Mafia 3 developer Hangar 13. In...

2K Games has ‘Exciting’ News Lined Up

At this point in time the rumour of a Bioshock Collection have gotten to the point where everyone and their cat has heard of it. Now however 2K Games have posted on Twitter hinting to an announcement very soon.

Bioshock is Still a “Permanent Franchise” for 2K Games

Despite Ken Levine's Studio, Irrational Games, calling it quits, 2K Games has revealed that the Bioshock franchise will still continue and is "unquestionably a permanent franchise".

BioShock Collection Leaked by Retailer

There's nothing quite like trusting a retailer with your secrets only for some pillock to accidentally publish the store listing before you've even announced said secret. It's not an unusual event, in fact this happens more often than actual video game announcements, and the latest to fall victim is a currently unannounced Bioshock Collection.

Irrational Games Are Hiring Again!

Hurrah! Not so long ago the sad news came of Irrational having to lay off a number of their staff even after the successes...

BioShock has Landed on iOS With a Pretty Hefty Price Tag

Now, we've all come accustomed to console games costing near on £50/60 at retail, and even some much older titles are still £20 new. But apps, apps are always pretty cheap, right? Mobile games, no matter how rich in content they are usually cost no more than around £6. So I was pretty dumbfounded when it was revealed that the iOS port of the 2007 title will set you back around $14.99 (£10.49). That's a joke, right?

Original Bioshock is Coming to iOS

2K's China studio is currently working on a port for the original Bioshock game, to bring it to the iOS platform. From screenshots, the game seems to be scaled way down to compensate for various restrictions that Apple have in place on iOS, with graphics and lighting making the original game look that much older.

The BioShock Vita Game that Could Have Been.

Following the closure of BioShock Studio Irrational Games, ex-studio co-founder Ken Levine has spoken out on Twitter about the possibilities of a BioShock game appearing on the PS Vita. Though there's a slim chance of that happening now, y'know.. due to the studio closing.. this hasn't stopped Levine revealed details of what could have been.

Take-Two Suggests More Red Dead and BioShock Games to Come.

For a while we've been pondering whether Rockstar has another Red Dead Redemption up its sleeve, though no hints have suggested whether they have or haven't fans clearly want more from Rockstar's western settings. We also share the same concern for the fate of the BioShock series since Irrantional Games disbanded. Well thankfully it looks like we have the answers we've been looking for thanks to Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick who has revealed that there's more to come from both games.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 Gets A Launch Trailer.

The final piece of Bioshock Infinite DLC is nearly here and to celebrate Irrational have released a launch trailer for Burial At Sea Episode...

BioShock Studio Irrational Games is ‘Winding Down,’ New Studios Being Formed.

Shortly following the final part of the Burial At Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite the studio behind the iconic series will be no more. Earlier this afternoon Kevin Levine, the co-founder of Irrational Games, announced that the studio will be "winding down" with all but key staff members being laid off.

BioShock Infininite Burial at Sea DLC revealed.

For those of you that were holding your breath or waiting impatiently for Bioshock Infinite DLC can now take a breath with a sigh of relief as 2K Irrational games have not only revealed and released DLC yesterday but announced details of DLC that's currently in development.
ultimate game sale

Todays Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale is a cracker!

Okay, so the past few days the XBLA Ultimate Game Sale hasn't been too exciting, I did manage to grab The Orange Box for £4.49 and that might be the main reason why I forgot to write about yesterdays sale, but today is a corker! It's chock full of the latest releases that are at-least 33% off.
The Indie Fix

The Indie Fix – System Shock 2

For years the System Shock titles have been considered revolutionary in terms of it's atmosphere, game mechanics and general design...

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