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Anthem Key Art

Anthem Gameplay Video Shows End-Game Content

BioWare has officially released part 2 of the 'This Is Anthem: Gameplay Series' which now gives us a closer look at the game's endgame...

Anthem VIP Demo Impressions

This weekend I managed to get my hands on a spare code and had the opportunity to try out Anthem and experience BioWare's new...

Anthem Goes Gold, Launch Bay Social Space Unveiled

It's official, Anthem has gone gold! Revealing the surprising news on Twitter, lead producer of BioWare's Anthem and Mass Effect series, Mike Gamble, had subtly...

Anthem Producer Reiterates No Loot Boxes Commitment

In wake of a recent heated debate on Twitter, Mike Gamble, Anthem's lead producer, has responded to comments from persisting fans and troubling trolls by reinstating...

New Anthem Footage Shows of Javelins, 4K Environments

BioWare has released a new 15 minute Alpha gameplay of Anthem showing off all four Javelin classes in action for the first time on a mission...

Anthem Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Interceptor Javelin and Strongholds

New footage from BioWare's upcoming game Anthem has been streamed over on their official Twitch channel, showing off over 40 minutes of new...

Anthem’s Character Customisation And Voice Options Detailed

BioWare has further detailed how far players can customise their javelins in Anthem and have spoken about how they differ from their previous titles, including voicing options.

The Game Awards 2018: Bioware Tease new Dragon Age Title

Bioware teased a new Dragon Age title with a cryptic trailer at The Game Awards 2018. Bioware took to The Game Awards 2018 to tease their new...

Anthem Producer Insists There Is No Delay

Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah has taken to Twitter to shut down any further worries over the release date of the game following rumors circulating online.

What Are Anthem’s Four Character Classes?

EA and BioWare's new title Anthem, releasing February 22 2019, puts players in a hostile world piloting their advanced mech suits called Javelins which come in four distinct shapes...

Exclusive Look At Dark Horse ‘Anthem’ Prequel Comic

Dark Horse Comics have delivered our very first look at the Anthem prequel comic which acts as a prequel to the upcoming game.

Mass Effect N7 Armour Confirmed For Anthem

For a few months now a lot of fans have been asking the developers of Anthem for all sorts of interesting components to put into the game, wether it be certain gear, abilities, equipment and more.

Mass Effect Andromeda Enhanced for Xbox One X

BioWare has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda has been patched and enhanced to Xbox One X as part of their celebratory N7 day. This will, in turn, enhance the resolution and add HDR support to further your experience of the space action RPG.

James Ohlen Retires From BioWare

James Ohlen is leaving BioWare after 22 years to work on something "smaller and more personal" he has announced on Twitter. James Ohlen was the lead...

BioWare Confirms Mass Effect Series Isn’t Dead

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bioware's Mark Gamble has revealed that Mass Effect still has a future, despite the studio being all up in Anthem right now.


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