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Jagex Now Accepts Bitcoin

In a release out to business media today, Jagex has announced that they're now accepting Bitcoin, the popular online cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is slowly being adopted by gaming companies, with Bigfish, Microsoft, and Green Man Gaming, already taking the lead, but for some, the decision is a little harder.

Microsoft is Accepting Bitcoin to buy Xbox Games and Windows Apps

Nobody quite understands where Bitcoin came from but it's here, and here to stay as more and more merchants are accepting the cryptocurrency as valid forms of payments for goods and services. The latest firm to do so is Microsoft who quietly rolled out the option for consumers to use Bitcoin as a payment option to download digital content.

UK Retailer CeX is the First Retailer in the UK to...

UK pre-owned retailer CeX announced yesterday that they've started accepting Bitcoin for goods in more than 30 stores in the UK with plans to expand to their 250 plus stores in the near future.

Finally! PayPal have taken on Bitcoins as an Additional Payment Method

Paypal has moved into accepting and making payments using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gets more good news as California legalises use of virtual...

Bitcoin has received some further good news as Governor for California, Jerry Brown, has signed into law a bill that legalises the use of Bitcoin, along with other digital currencies, across the state...

Apple Finally Allows Bitcoin Wallets onto the App Store.

Apple has finally lifted the restriction on Bitcoin trading apps on the app store which means those of you who are keen traders of the virtual currency, and own an iPhone, will finally be able to trade on the move. The first app to take advantage of this lifted restruction is CoinPocket which appeared on the App Store yesterday after the change of Policy this weekend.

You Can Now Pay for Virtual FarmVille Corn With Bitcoin!

That's right, it looks like Zynga have been experimenting with the cryptocurrency to offer another way for players of their popular games to pay for virtual goods using virtual currency - how meta!

Think Bitcoin is daft? Well Dogecoin is Much, Much Dafter.

As Bitcoin becomes more and more widely accepted those looking for a new type of cryptocurrency may be interested in Dogecoin, a brand new virtual currency that's based on everyones favourite, or most hated meme, Doge.
ouya and controller

OUYA Now Accepts Bitcoin

OUYA the tiny Android based gaming system has just opened their doors to the cyber currency Bitcoin as a form of accepted payment on their games store.

Bitcoin Banned from Chinese Banks in Fear of Illegal Activities.

The humble cyber currency, Bitcoin, has been having a bit of a bad time in Asia as of late. First the digital currency was banned from Thailand and now it seems China want nothing to do with Bitcoin either.

Bitcoin shoots past the $1,000 mark

Digital currency Bitcoin has had a pretty big year, as the open-source currency discarded the shawl of anonymous obscurity and rose to becoming a household name, even gaining recognition by the Oxford dictionary...

UK Man Rummages Through Landfill to Find Hard Drive Filled with...

Have you ever thrown away an old hard drive only to later realise it was filled with a bunch of family photos or some important information? One resident from the UK has done just that, but the contents of this hard drive is worth more than just family photos, it contains 7,500 Bitcoin which is now worth around $7.5 million.

Bitcoin, Digital Detox and Hackerspace Added to the Oxford Dictionary.

I'm not familiar with the submission process for the Oxford dictionary or if there even is one, there may just be a group of people asked what new words the kids are saying these days but either way over the years some really stupid stuff has been added.

The Bank of Thailand rule virtual Bitcoins as illegal resulting in...

The Bitcoin has been getting a fair bit of flack from some countries governments, something which we touched upon in more detail here, but right now we're focusing on the news that Thailand's government have now ruled the virtual currency as illegal which has forced Bitcoin Co. Ltd. Thailand to indefinitely suspend trading of Bitcoins in the Southeast Asian country.

Humble Bundle now Accepts BitCoin

The humble BitCoin. A weird phenomenon that seemed to come from nowhere. Computer whizz's love it because it's anonymous, simple to acquire (if you have a powerful computer), and isn't governed by any governments. The Governments however hate it because of the very same reasons. If you're still a little confused check out our piece on the virtual currency.

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