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BlackBerry Announces Its Departure From The Smartphone Market

After another poor financial report, BlackBerry has finally thrown in the towel and have announced that they're exiting the smartphone business.

BlackBerry is Finally Killing Off its Classic Smartphone

Remember back in 2007 when BlackBerry was THE smartphone? Aimed at professionals, it offered a way for them to stay organised, stay connected, and with a little physical keyboard, type out emails and other things quickly and easily.

Facebook Wipes Away BlackBerry’s Tears with Web App

Last month BlackBerry revealed that Facebook had jumped ship and would end support for their apps later this year. In response, BlackBerry said that they were shocked and disappointed in Facebook's decision. So Facebook threw them a bone in the form of a barebones web app.

Facebook Bids Farewell to BlackBerry

It looks like the BlackBerry OS has had the final nail hammered into its coffin. Following the news that WhatsApp would be dropping support for BlackBerry, it seems its owner has also followed suit, and no longer support the struggling OS.

WhatsApp to Drop Support for Blackberry and Nokia OS’

WhatsApp has announced today that the popular messaging application will not be supported on Blackberry and a number of Nokia devices by the end of this year.

BlackBerry to Dump BB10 in Favour of Android

BlackBerry worked pretty hard on its BB10 operating system, trying to capture more than just business clients with a more up-to-date OS, and for the most part, it wasn't half bad. It's just a shame it was tied to BlackBerry. Now however, it looks like they may be dumping BB10 completely in favour of Android.

BlackBerry Confirms They’re Releasing The QWERTY Slider Phone

Over the past couple of months we've seen and heard rumours that BlackBerry may release a QWERTY slider smartphone powered by Android and though the combination of the two seems odd, the company officially confirmed those rumours in their latest earnings report.
blackberry venice

BlackBerry’s Upcoming QWERTY Slide Phone Unveiled in GIFs

It's not very often a BlackBerry smartphone catches my eye, but the BlackBerry Venice has twanged something deep inside, something slightly nostalgic and thanks to new leaked GIFs, I'm even more intrigued.
BlackBerry Bold 9900

Despite Making a Small Profit, BlackBerry’s Revenues took a Nosedive

With big tech powerhouses like Apple, Samsung, and HTC dominating the smartphone market, little old BlackBerry have been left by the wayside as they try their best to recover. Thankfully it seems that paid off as this past Friday BlackBerry revealed their last quarterly financial numbers, and surprisingly they brought in a small profit. Unfortunately that was overshadowed by a surprising drop in revenue that the company wasn't expecting.
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MWC 2015: BlackBerry Has Just Revealed Plans to Launch a Curved-screen...

BlackBerry's new device is like a Galaxy S6 Edge with a slide-out keyboard.. In a surprising turn of events, BlackBerry has unveiled plans to release...

BlackBerry Classic pre-orders now open

The BlackBerry Classic, which as the name suggests is a combination of the company's traditional form factor and new software, is now available to pre-order.
bb passport gold 1

New Blackberry Passport Leak Shows the Device Dressed in Gold

Following the fairly surprising successful launch of the BlackBerry Passport it seems the company could have a luxury looking version of the device in the works. A new leak shows the hard-cornered device with a fairly fancy gold lick of paint, this would join the already released black and porcelain white versions which have proved to be pretty popular amongst business users.

Blackberry Passport Full Specs Leaked

N4BB has released the full spec sheet of the upcoming Blackberry Passport. The device features quite a unique square shape and is certainly powerful under the hood.

BBM now available on Windows Phone

Earlier this year, BlackBerry released the BBM app on Android and iOS. Now, it's available on Windows Phone as a beta. BlackBerry has said that they've received "an incredible number" of requests to offer the service on the platform. In this beta version, there is BBM Chats with one or multiple people as well the option to share pictures, your location and more.
BlackBerry Bold 9900

Windows Phone Still Losing Out to Blackberry

When you look at phones to buy these days, chances are you're not looking at a Blackberry, yet it seems Blackberry is still doing better than some of us think. Market Research from the firm Kantar has revealed that despite Microsoft's claims to be the third largest player in the smartphone game, Blackberry is still outdoing them here in Old Blighty.

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