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Block N Load Sees its First Free Hero Rotation

Jagex has today announced the first Hero rotation for its now free-to-play block-based shooter Block N Load since its transition into that business model a few months back.
BNL_Roly Poly

Block N Load’s Latest Hero is a… Hamster?

Block N Load, Jagex' free to play genre blending shooter, already has a wacky cast of heroes, but up until now they've been of the bipedial nature and relatively... tame compared to the latest hero, Roly Poly Fat Fat.

Interview: Jagex Talks Block N Load and the Road to Free-to-Play

At the beginning of this month Jagex' multiplayer block blowing shooter, Block N Load, became free to play, something which to many outside of the game's community, seemed a little out of the blue. But that certainly wasn't the case, in fact, catching up with design director Ben Smedstad and VP of Block N Load, David Solari it seems as if Block N Load was designed with the free-to-play model in mind.

Block N Load Becomes Free-to-Play!

Jagex's quirky multiplayer shooter, building, strategy game, Block N Load is getting a host of new heroes today, but in addition to that, the entire game is becoming free-to-play meaning anyone can jump into the block blasting game!

Block N Load Gets Three New Heroes

Jagex have been pretty busy with Runescape as of late, but let's not forget the company's latest title, the first person shooter block building arena hybrid, Block N Load, which is set to get a handful of new characters next week.

Block N Load Gets Another New Hero as Fight Night Begins

This weekend is another big one for Block N Load players as Jagex has revealed another brand new hero into the game as well as another game mode to keep players on their toes. Sweet Science is his name, and Ablockalypse is his game.
Block N Load_Astarellavideo

Block N Load Gets a New Cosmic Character

Today Jagex unveiled Astarella, a brand new cosmic character for the game who comes with a mean arsenal and a bad ass buff that'll have any Blockhead crying for their mommy. In addition to Astarella, players will finally be able to dive into a new Ranked mode and a time-restriction-free demo of the game for players to try before they buy.

Block N Load Review: Total Blockbuster

Block N Load is a complete world away from what you'd expect from Jagex. The company is likely known for its long-running free-to-play RPG RuneScape and while they dabbled in a first person shooter with Ace of Spades, I'm sure we all know how that went. So with Block N Load, Jagex are hoping to have learned from the mistakes made with Ace of Spaces and are actually listening to fans. So, making the most of Early Access, Jagex launched an early build of the game and took upon tweaking and adding features in following fan feedback. Shoot to four (or so) months later, here we are with the full release of Block N Load.

Win a Block N Load Bundle and a Fully Loaded Edition...

Jagex has offered us a unique prize to offer one lucky Block N Load fan as well as five runner up prizes for those not as lucky, but just as awesome. What we're giving away is a handful of Block N Load merchandise including an umbrella that looks like O.P. Juan Shinobi's Katana! Who wouldn't want that? In addition to this you'll also receive a Fully Loaded Edition of the game to play too!
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Jagex’s Shooter Block N Load Explodes out of Early Access

What do you get when you smash elements of Minecraft with parts of Team Fortress 2? In reality, a pixelated mess.. probably. In theory though, you've got Block N Load, a brand new first person shooter, tower defence, tactical action game from Jagex. You may already be aware that it's been in the Early Access phase since its announcement in December last year, but now after an intense few months testing and tweaking the game, it's ready to be unleashed into the world.

Block N Load Launching on Steam this April

Available in Early Access Beta since before Christmas last year, Jagex are pleased to announce today that Block N Load will be launching in full on PC through Steam this April 30, so now would be a fantastic time to dive in and grab the pre-order edition letting you into the last few weeks of the Beta as well as exclusive character skins.

We Challenged Jagex to a Game of Block N Load, They...

Last year when Jagex unveiled their team-based shooter, Block N Load, we casually suggested that we should have a few games together. Not thinking anything of it, I was a little surprised to hear back from Jagex saying that they'll accept the challenge and will be getting the Block N Load developers to set up a match between us and them. This evening is when it all goes down, so join us on Twitch to watch the match in action when n3rdabl3 take on the Block N Load team at their own game.
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Block N Load Launches Oceanic Server and Two New Maps

It seems like the beta for Block N Load is going quite well as Jagex has this week announced the launch of the Oceanic server to better cater to the demand from the region, not only that, they've also launched two new arena maps to keep players on their toes.
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Interview: Jagex Talks Block N Load, Ace of Spaces, and the...

Jagex are probably best known for their free-to-play, browser based RPG, RuneScape, but more recently they announced Block N Load, a multiplayer shooter that pits teams of five against eachother in a genre bending game that blends fast paced first person shooter and melee action with a sort of block building tower defence game. Block N Load entered closed beta earlier this month and we caught up with Vice President of Block N Load, David Solari, to chat about the game, and how they took the concept of Ace of Spaces and turned it on its head.
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Block N Load Pre-orders Now Open, Jump in Soon for the...

Block N Load is the latest release from Jagex that's just launched into closed beta. The game is a creative mix of Minecraft-like building and destruction with a good helping of over-the-top Team Fortress 2-like shooting which offers a fantastic fast paced blend of strategic turret placement and crazy shooting, enough to keep anyone entertained, and if like me; you can't wait to get your hands on the full release, then you'll be pleased to know that you can currently pre-order the full game on Steam right now.

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