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DayZ to Launch on Xbox One This Month

DayZ is set to exit Game Preview on Xbox One later this month, bringing the zombie survival game to the masses. Having been in Xbox...

DayZ to Launch out of Early Access on PC Next Week

Bohemia Interactive has today announced that on December 13, DayZ will launch out of Early Access on Steam. 

DayZ Standalone Finally Enters Beta?

So I'm guessing we all remember the zombie survival phase the gaming industry went through, yes? Well from what was once an ARMA 2 mod, DayZ sprouted from its cocoon and to become a beautiful buggy butterfly we all call DayZ Standalone.
DayZ Screenshot

Gamescom 2018: DayZ Xbox Game Preview Date Unveiled

Bohemia Interactive has announced that their zombie survival sandbox game, DayZ, will be coming to Xbox Game Preview on August 29.

DayZ Xbox Game Preview Still on Track for Summer Release

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that DayZ is still on track for a summer release on Xbox One Game Preview, a closed test is currently underway.

DayZ Xbox Store Page Live, Release Incoming?

The Xbox Store page for Bohemia Interactive's zombie survival game, DayZ, has been put live, is this an indication of an impending release?

DayZ is Once Again Coming to Xbox One This Year

DayZ is apparently set to land on Xbox One Game Preview at some point this year, however it's not the first time we've heard such a bold claim from Bohemia Interactive.

DayZ Coming Out of Early Access and on Consoles in 2018

DayZ is set to arrive out of Early Access in 2018, Bohemia Interactive have announced, as well as the proposed launch on consoles in the same year.

E3 2017: Bohemia Interactive’s Sandbox Game, Ylands, Finally Coming to Steam

At the PC Gaming Show, Bohemia Interactive's Ales Ulm revealed that their sandbox game, Ylands, is finally coming to Steam's Early Access later this year.

DayZ is Approaching Beta After Four Years in Early Access

Bohemia Interactive have revealed that their survival game, DayZ, is "approaching" beta stage, though we have no idea when that'll actually happen.

DayZ Is Still Coming To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Just Not...

So for the past couple of years, we've seen Bohemia Interactive touting the arrival of DayZ at a number of events, first for PlayStation, then for Xbox. With a console version of the survival game confirmed, we've been sitting twiddling out thumbs wondering when exactly it'll arrive, and we may finally have some answers.

ARMA is Coming to Mobile with ARMA Mobile Ops

Do you spend almost every waking hour on Bohemia Interactive's ARMA games? Do you wish that when you were relaxing away from your PC you could still be playing ARMA? Good news, this new ARMA game is for you.

New DayZ Update Adds More Loot

If you're a regular player of the standalone version of DayZ, then by now you're probably familiar with the locations of some pretty decent loot. In a brand new patch however, things may be changing slightly, but it may be for the better.

DayZ Forums Hacked, All User Information Taken

If you're an active member of the DayZ community and use the game's forums a lot, then you need to pay attention. According to Bohemia Interactive, the developers behind the game, the forums have been hacked and pretty much all user information has been taken, including usernames, passwords, and email addresses.

DayZ to get Predators, Because Screw You, That’s Why

DayZ is probably the most stressful game I've ever played. Not only are you required to survive as soon as your thrown into the God-forsaken world by scavenging for what little food is available, but you also have to avoid relentless zombies and other players loaded up to the nines with weapons.

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