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The Bradwell Conspiracy Coming to ‘Multiple Platforms’ Soon

The Bradwell Conspiracy is an upcoming Narrative Mystery from Developer A Brave Plan set to be published by Bossa Studios. Set in the summer solstice of 2026, The...

Surgeon Simulator CPR Announced for Nintendo Switch

Surgeon Simulator is set to bring its janky physics-based surgery to Nintendo Switch, Bossa Studios has announced, with Surgeon Simulator CPR.

Worlds Adrift Preview

Worlds Adrift is one of few "Early Access" release success stories, due to the ongoing support from the incredible team at Bossa Studios and their...

Surgeon Simulator is Possibly Coming to the Switch

Surgeon Simulator, the whacky physics-based game from Bossa Studios, is likely making its way to Nintendo Switch if this teaser trailer is anything to go by.
Worlds Adrift

Taking to the Skies with Worlds Adrift (Preview)

Worlds Adrift hit early access this week after 4 years of design, development and testing. We were invited along to a very unique launch...

Bossa Stuios’ Worlds Adrift Hits Early Access in May

Bossa Studios has finally unveiled when the world can get their hands on their upcoming adventure MMO, Worlds Adrift.

Purrfect Date set for Release December 15

Bossa Studios have teamed up with Bae Team Games to create Purrfect Date. A cat dating game. You can't make this up! From Bossa studios,...

Decksplash Free Week will Determine the Future of the Game

Bossa Studios has started the Decksplash free week and have revealed that if the target of 100,000 players isn't met, the game just won't be released.

Decksplash Free Week Coming Next Month

Bossa Studios has announced that players can jump into their upcoming competitive disembodied skateboarding game, Decksplash, completely free for an entire week.

Purrfect Date is the Cat Dating Sim you Didn’t Know you...

UK-based developer, Bae Team have this week announced their brand new game, Purrfect Date, a cat dating sim which is set to launch on...

Decksplash Early Access is Coming to PC SOOON

Bossa Studios' upcoming competitive skateboarding arena game, Decksplash, has been in closed alpha testing for a few weeks now, and it looks like it's time for the game to be unleashed onto the world as it'll be coming to Early Access real soon.

Decksplash is Splatoon Meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

You've gotta hand it to UK studio Bossa Studios. While they're busy working on their upcoming adventure game, World's Adrift, they've announced another game which has one of those names which could easily be mistaken for something else... Decksplash
viper adrift 6

Worlds Adrift: An Interview with an Alpha Tester

With the retraction of the Worlds Adrift Non-Disclosure Agreement, we thought it would be the perfect time to interview one of the alpha testers. Arran, known as Vick_Viper89 on the Worlds Adrift forums and game, obliged us in answering a few questions.
worlds adrift

Worlds Adrift Drops NDA During Closed Alpha Testing

The boys over at Bossa Studios have been beavering away at a brand new MMO, Worlds Adrift. For anyone who doesn't know, Worlds Adrift takes inspiration from LoZ:Wind Waker and Skies of Arcadia. Two classic games praised for their exploration and huge worlds.
Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift Release Delayed Till Q1 2017

Upcoming sandbox MMO by developers Bossa Studio Worlds Adrift has been delayed until Q1 2017.

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