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Surgeon Simulator 2013 Inside Donald Trump

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Gets Political With “Inside Donald Trump” DLC

Lurking somewhere in the depths of your Steam library you'll probably find Bossa Studios' Surgeon Simulator 2013, the Let's Play sensation of its day. Whilst it could be said that the game has been somewhat surpassed by the likes of Bossa Studios' very own I Am Bread in terms of hilariously frustrating physics-based games with complex controls, the politically motivated among us may very well have a new reason to put on the plastic gloves once more, as Bossa have announced the latest DLC for the game, titled Inside Donald Trump.
worlds adrift

World’s Adrift Trailer Highlights Player Made Islands

Surgeon Simulator devs, Bossa Studios, have been hard at work with their upcoming MMO, World's Adrift, and though it hasn't even launched yet, they recently released a map maker for players to build their own islands.
worlds adrift

Bossa Studios Holding Worlds Adrift Writing Contest

Bossa Studios, the creative brains behind Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread, are holding a creative writing contest for their latest game Worlds Adrift.

Bossa Studios Worlds Adrift Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

As of late, Bossa Studios aren't exactly known for their more serious games and with the likes of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, you probably wouldn't expect their next game to be an ambitious MMO, would you?
Apple Watch

Spy_Watch Brings Super Sleuth Game to the Apple Watch

Set to arrive on the App Store at launch, Spy_Watch is a brand new game from indie developer, Bossa Studios, who you'll probably know best for Surgeon Simulator. Designed for Apple's latest wearable, Spy_Watch puts players in the role of the head of a spy agency that's fallen on hard times, its up to you to train spies and send them on clandestine operations to bring the agency back to its former glory.
I Am Bread Hero

I Am Bread Pops out of Early Access Next Week

Bossa Studios are becoming pretty well associated with creating games with quirky, confusing, and frustrating controls. Whether it's trying to perform a cack-handed heart transplant, or more recently, trying to control a slice of bread with various points of movement. Either way, Bossa know how to make life difficult. In their latest game I Am Bread, players have been trying to toast a slice of bread for some time now in Steam's Early Access, and next week, it's getting a full release.
I Am Breadvideo


The latest update for I Am Bread begs the question: "What ever will they think of next?" For players of the doughy adventure which sees one slice of breads attempt to become toast, you can now attempt to become a tasty toasted treat in zero gravity and if floating about in space isn't your think, then you've got a new mode called Bagel Racing, which.. well.. I'm sure you can guess.

Here’s a New Trailer for Bossa Studios’ World’s Adrift

Just before Christmas, 2014, Bossa Studios announced World's Adrift, a physics-based multiplayer game which they were pondering continuing development on, and though they've not announced whether it's actually going to happen, they've released another gameplay trailer for you to feast your eyes on.

Surgeon Simulator Hits 2 Million Copies Sold, Silly Really Really Does...

Following Young Horses revealing how well Octodad: Dadliest Catch has done, Bossa Studios have too revealed that Surgeon Simulator has sold a total of...
I Am Bread Hero

I Am Bread Slices its Way onto iOS Later This Year

I Am Bread, the fairly tricky game which sees players taking control of a slice of bread, is set to head to iOS later this year developers Bossa Studio have announced.
worlds adriftvideo

Should Bossa Studios Continue Work on World’s Adrift? We Sure Think...

Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread developers aren't turning to Kickstarter to ask whether their game is worth their time whilst securing funds for lord-knows-what in return for merchandise that'll probably never make production. Instead they're just simply asking you, is it worth their time to continue development on a prototype they're calling "World's Adrift."
I Am Bread Hero

“Building Games for YouTube is a Bad Idea” Says Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios are the British studio responsible for one of the most insane games I've ever played, ever: Surgeon Simulator. Surgeon Simulator, since its first introduction as a free-to-play title from the studios game-jam website, videos have been popping up all over the web with hilarious playthroughs of amateur surgeries gone horribly wrong. Recently the company also announced their new title I Am Bread, a game which sees players controlling a slice of bread who's only goal is to get to the toaster.
I Am Bread Herovideo

This is I Am Bread, a New Game from Bossa Studios...

Of all the silly ideas that UK based developers Bossa Studios could create, they've made a game where you play as a slice of bread. No I'm not joking, I Am Bread was unveiled last week and tells the emotional story of a slice of bread and his epic adventure to become toast. Seriously, I'm not joking..
Deep Dungeons of Doomvideo

Bossa Studios Devilishly Difficult Dungeon Crawler Deep Dungeons of Doom is...

Bossa Studios has this week announced that in partnership with MiniBoss Studios in Brazil, their simple to play, but difficult to master retro dungeon crawler, Deep Dungeons of Doom, is now available to download on Steam! Originally released on Android and iOS, Deep Dungeons of Doom, the game offers a multitude of levels and gruesome monsters for you to take down, but be warned, it's not for the feint hearted.
Surgeon Simulator logovideo

Quick, Sell a Kidney! Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition Releases on PS4...

Possibly the most violent game since Mortal Kombat hit shelves, Surgeon Simulator is finally making an appearance on a home console, granting dreams to...

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