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Touch an Alien Today with the New Surgeon Sim for iPad...

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a real alien? If you answered "Yes!" then you're all outta luck here my friend, but if you want to poke and prod a virtual alien whilst trying to replace its Gobbleshaft then you are in luck, thanks to the new update for Surgeon Sim for iPad introducing Alien Gworb and six new impossible-to-pronounce surgeries!
Surgeon Sim

Surgeon Simulator for iPad Gets a Free Update, Alien DLC Patient...

Surgeon Simulator for iPad brings with it even more fiddly and frustrating controls complete with a handful of new surgeries including an eye watering eye surgery and a fairly brutal dentistry surgery, but there's more to come reveal Bossa Studio, the UK based studio behind the most frustrating and hilarious game ever made.

Surgeon Sim Now Available on iPad!

Over the past few weeks we've seen sneak peeks of Bossa Studio's touch version of Surgeon Sim for the iPad showing off the games two exclusive surgeries, the Tooth and Eye Transplant, each with their own hilarious consequences, well now it's your chance to perform the delicate art of surgery as you take over from Nigel and use your own hands..

Bossa Studio’s Show Off the New iPad Version of Surgeon Simulator...

Look, it's Bob, he's come in for a routine dental check up and the guys at Bossa Studios have decided to have some fun with him whilst he's in Nigel's dental chair. Silly, silly Bob.

Surgeon Simulator Developer Bossa Studio Unveil Arena Deathmatch Game, Time to...

Whilst at Eurogamer this year Bossa Studios had something fairly secretive to show a handful of press attendees, at the time it was merely just a working concept and a bloody awesome one at that. Today however Bossa Studios have unveiled Time to Live, a cross platform multiplayer deathmatch arena, or a game of price-drop.tv musical chairs as I called it.

Hoorah! Bossa Studios’ Deep Dungeons of Doom comes to Android

The guys behind Surgeon Simulator 2013 Bossa Studios, announced today that their retro, 8-bit adventure is now available on the Google Play and Amazon app stores along with a brand new Mission System.
Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 now on steam. Bring one-handed surgeon to the...

Having been initially made by Bossa Studios as part of a 48 hour Game Jam, Surgeon Simulator 2013 was launched as a free download for PC, Mac, and Linux. Upon its release on Bossa Studio's website it was picked up by several users on Reddit and YouTube where the games QWOP-like controls and comedic gameplay took the gaming community by storm. So it's a pleasure to announce that Surgeon Simulator 2013 is now a full release on Steam. Currently on sale as well, you can pick it up on PC and Mac for 30% off.
Deep Dungeons of Doom

Bossa Studios to release Deep Dungeons of Doom to OUYA.

The upcoming 8-bit style game Deep Dungeons of Doom (DDD) by Bossa Studios is set to be an early launch title for the soon to be released OUYA console.
Deep Dungeons of Doom

Bossa Studios Announce Deep Dungeons of Doom for iOS and Android

Award winning London developer Bossa Studio had something to announce yesterday with the unveiling of the iOS and Android app; Deep Dungeons of Doom.

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