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Wreckfest Console Release Delayed to 2019

Bugbear Entertainment has announced that their upcoming destruction derby racer, Wreckfest, is now set to land on consoles in 2019.

Wreckfest Review

Wreckfest has been in Early Access almost since Early Access became a thing. It was Bugbear Entertainment's triumphant return to the racing game genre with a game which hoped to reignite the love for games like FlatOut - of which they created, and  Psygnosis' Destruction Derby franchise.

New Wreckfest Trailer Arrives Ahead of Release

Bugbear Entertainment have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming destruction racer, Wreckfest, to celebrate a week before launch.

Wreckfest is Launching out of Early Access After 1611 Days

Wreckfest, Bugbear's spiritual successor to the FlatOut franchise is finally fully launching after an incredibly long stint in Early Access.

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