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Castle Rock Curiosities and Connections: ‘Elevation’

Although Castle Rock the show ended its first season back in September, the town is still alive and well for author Stephen King. King's latest book, Elevation, came...

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Ten: “Romans”

The last episode in Castle Rock's first season just premiered, and just like we have for the past two months, we're taking a look at the references and connections it had to other works in Stephen King's vast library.

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Nine: “Henry Deaver”

Last week I said that things have started to wind down with Castle Rock as we approach the end of the first season. That was a silly thing for me to have said.

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Eight: “Past Perfect”

As Castle Rock begins to wind down for this season, things have only gotten crazier in Stephen King's most famous town. The connections to his other...

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Seven: “The Queen”

In the wake of the success of It, the announcement of a Pet Sematary remake, and a general rekindled interest in Stephen King's works, Hulu hopped on...

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Six: “Filter”

Welcome back to our weekly "Curiosities and Connections" article for Hulu's Castle Rock series. The Hulu serial is based on Stephen King's expansive body of work,...

‘Castle Rock’ Renewed For Second Season

Hulu has announced that they will be renewing their ongoing show Castle Rock for a second season.

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Five: “Harvest”

Castle Rock is a series on Hulu based on the vast library of Stephen King's works. Our "Curiosities and Connections" series that takes a look at the references to Stephen King's other works in each episode.

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode Four: “The Box”

Castle Rock is the answer to your Stephen King fix while waiting for part two of It, the Pet Sematary remake, his next book, whatever King property you're waiting...

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episodes Two and Three

Welcome back to Castle Rock: Curiosities and Connections a column where we take a look at some of the connections between various Stephen King's works in Castle...

‘Castle Rock’ Curiosities and Connections: Episode One: “Severance”

Stephen King's latest show, Castle Rock, just premiered on Hulu yesterday. Although it promises an original story, like all of King's other works, it is...

Super Bowl ‘Castle Rock’ Trailer Premieres Online Ahead of Time

Unable to resist teasing Stephen King fans a little more, Hulu released their new trailer for their show "Castle Rock."

New Teaser Trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock Released

Horror fans, rejoice: we're finally getting another glimpse at the newest Stephen King adaptation, a Hulu original called "Castle Rock."

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