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Google is Mulling Over Removing Backspace Navigation in Chrome

Have you ever spent hours filling out a form online only to accidentally hit the backspace key causing your web browser to go back a page and completely ruin all of the work you've ever done? Yeah me too. Fortunately, Google is mulling over the idea of removing this function in Chrome.

Google is to Quietly Kill off Flash Support in Chrome

The era of HTML5 is coming quicker than we thought as Google has quietly announced a new proposal entitled "HTML5 by Default" for Chrome.

Google Starts Warning Users About Deceptive Download Links

Google is increasingly making the Internet a safer place by warning users of potential problematic pages, whether they're considered unsafe, or whether they're known phishing websites. Now, Google is taking another step to ensure its users stay safe online, by warning them of deceptive download links.

Use WhatsApp on the Web, if you use Chrome and Android...

In December, rumoured surfaced suggesting that WhatsApp might be landing on the web, and as of yesterday that rumour became a reality, if you happen to use both Google Chrome and the WhatsApp app on Android.
HP Chromebook 14

You Can Now Install a Different OS on your Chromebook with...

If for some reason you're not quite happy with Chrome OS on your Chromebook, you can now finally install a different operating system if you so wished, like Linux for example, thanks to Google adding Debugging Features for Chrome OS devices in Developer mode.

My Chromebook’s Broken and I love it Even More

A few months ago I wrote a piece about why Chromebooks are better than everything else. Obviously not literally everything, Chromebooks aren't as good...

Google Now Emerges Bleary Eyed onto the Chrome Stable Channel.

Google Now has been an integral part of Android since it's launch a few years back, offering contextually informative cards for its users based...

ASUS Reveal New $179 Chromebox Launching in March.

Chromebooks have been given a pretty bright spotlight over the past few months as they become increasingly popular, but what about the other Chrome OS powered device, the Chromebox? Well it looks like ASUS hasn't forgotten as they've just revealed a new Chromebox that's set to launch in March.

Google Introduce a New Generation of Chrome Apps

Good news for those who have a terrible Internet connection or travel a lot. The Chrome Browser is getting offline support for some of it's apps!

Google Updates Chromecast, Removes the Ability to Stream from External Sources

You could say the Chromecast has been well received over the past few months it's become available. This cheap $35 dongle for your TV allows you to stream Netflix, Youtube, Chrome, and various other supported apps giving you the chance to stream high definition content from any device in the house. One of the main features was made more accessible with the Allcast app allowing you to stream almost anything to the Chromecast but now that's all over since the latest update.

Fancy trying Google Now on your PC or Mac?

Since getting my Nexus 4 complete with Jelly Bean, the Google Now feature has constantly baffled me. Cards appear at random, I'll always know the weather, unless it decides to replace the weather card with local attractions. No matter how much I read up on it, I just can't seem to get to grips with the location based smart search app..

Wunderlist gets ‘Add to Wunderlist’ Browser Extension

Berlin based 6Wunderkinder continue to take Wunderlist, their to-do list product, a step further with the release of ‘Add to Wunderlist’. The arrival of this exciting new features means that Wunderlist becomes even more than just a to-do list application. It’s small additions like this that really allow Wunderlist to stand out from the rest.
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Review: Google Chrome for iPad

Google’s Chrome web browser has been around since 2008 on Windows, and 2009 on Mac and Linux. Its clean design and light CPU and...

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