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Google May Bring Chromecast Features Natively to TVs

Google's Chromecast is a nifty little device which turns any boring old television into a smart television by allowing you to send streaming video, music, and other content from your smartphone or tablet, directly to the TV. According to Variety however, Google is working with Vizio to build these features directly into its new TVs.
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Spotify is Dishing Out Free Chromecasts to New Premium Subscribers

Spotify is hoping to entice new users to try Spotify Premium by offering a free Chromecast to all who sign up from now until February 28.

Second Generation Chromecast Spotted with Spotify Support

According to 9to5Google, a second generation Chromecast is in the works that'll come with a bunch of new features including possible Spotify support, all of which are set to debut at Google's event later this month.

Google’s Chromecast Overtakes Apple TV in Video Streaming According to Survey

Let's forget ridiculously priced set-top-boxes for a moment and turn our heads to the surprisingly affordable and ridiculously useful Chromecast, which according to a survey is amongst the preferred method of streaming movies, TV, and more amongst people surveyed in 10,000 U.S. homes with a broadband Internet connection.

Google’s Chromecast Users have Cast 650 Million Times, Chromecast 2 On...

When Google first launched the Chromecast streaming dongle in 2013 we didn't know what to expect from a device that relied solely on a paired smartphone, tablet, or laptop, but once we got our hands on the device we didn't realise quite how useful and versatile this little £30 device actually is. That seems to be an opinion that rings true to many Chromecast users who have collectively Cast to the device over 650 million times.

Concept96’s Buzzb Kickstarter Hopes to Turn your Chromecast into a Casual...

Google's Chromecast does an incredible job of turning your ordinary television into something much, much more. The tiny device which costs just £30 allows you to easily watch YouTube, Netflix, play Music and more harnessing the power of the tablet, laptop, or smartphone to do most of the processing. Because of this fairly intuitive way to keep the costs low, the device by itself isn't much of a gaming powerhouse as some smartphones, so gaming via the device hasn't been entirely possible, but Buzzb hopes to change that.

Google Releases Chromecast from WiFi Bonds, Plants to Add Android Mirroring.

On Wednesday Google gave us insight as to the future of the Chromecast, their tiny HDMI dongle that gives any standard TV (with a HDMI port) the ability to become something more than just a television. Despite unveiling Android TV, Google aren't forgetting about the Chromecast, in fact they're continuing to improve the Chromecast to make it a much better device.

Giveaway Time! Grab Yourself a Google Chromecast! (UK Only)

Earlier this year Google finally launched their Chromecast dongle in the UK and it practically flew off of the shelves. I grabbed one soon after launch and I'm in love with it. This tiny device allows you to stream content such as movies and music from your smartphone or tablet to your HDTV, there's no need for a clunky box, nor is their any need for a remote. It's simple to use and you could win one right now!

Google Chromecast Review, A Tiny Device with Big Possibilities.

Google's Chromecast has been available for some time now in both North America and the UK but I've only recently, over the past couple of months, taken the plunge and purchased Google's £30 HDMI dongle for myself. I'm pretty new to the set-top-box party and in I come with something that couldn't quite be considered as such, but what I use it for is more than suitable. Google's Chromecast is a streaming device which requires you to think differently, much like Google's Chromebooks and hopefully in this review I'll help you understand what I mean.
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Android TV Rumoured to be in Development.

According to The Verge, Google have a brand new type of set top box in the works looking to expand on the Chromecast that's already dominating living rooms everywhere. Similar to the recently announced Amazon Fire TV, Google's Android TV hopes to improve on Google's terrible Google TV and offer something much, much more.

Google’s Chromecast is Selling Well in Europe.

Last month Google finally unveiled plans to release the Chromecast here in Europe following a successful launch in the US last year. So far the tiny streaming dongle is doing really well, so well UK retailer Currys/PC World reported that they sold a Chromecast every 4.5 seconds on launch day. Wow!

The Chromecast Officially in Europe, Available in the UK for £30.

Late yesterday Google revealed that their streaming dongle, Chromecast, is launching in 11 more countries across Europe including the UK, France, and Germany. For those of us in the UK, Currys/PC World will be the first offline retailer to get the Chromecast in-store priced at £30.

Google’s Chromecast is Finally Heading to the UK!

It's finally looking like Google's cut-price Chromecast dongle will be heading to UK shores later this month. Once again Dixon's owned Currys/PC World have spilled the beans on an apparent release date for the Chromecast which is set to launch on March 19. No pricing has yet to be announced.

More Chromecast Rumours, This Time an Australian Release is on the...

Following the rumour that came and quickly left regarding the Chromecast hitting the UK next month, a new rumour suggests that Australia may also be getting a release sometime this year with support from AUS telcom firm Telstra with content from BigPond streaming through the device.

Rdio and Beats Music Looking into Supporting Google’s Chromecast.

Now Google have opened up the Chromecase APK for anyone to develop for Google's $35 Chromecast dongle we're going to be seeing more and more awesome apps coming to the smart-TV enabling HDMI stick.

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