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Cities: Skylines Muscles in on Tycoon Territory with Parklife Expansion

Cities: Skylines' upcoming May update will be taking players to the park as the new expansion brings theme parks and zoos into the equation.

Cities: Skylines Goes Green with Green Cities Expansion

At Gamescom this week Paradox Interactive has announced a brand new expansion for Cities: Skylines that'll be a little more environmentally friendly. Green Cities, is set to launch later this year.

Cities: Skylines Concert Expansion Released

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have launched a brand new expansion for Cities: Skylines which brings a new type of event to the game: Concerts.
Cities Skylines Natural Disasters Livestream

Cities: Skylines is Coming to PS4

Paradox Interactive has announced that it's now bringing the console edition of its city builder / management game, Cities: Skylines, to PS4.

Cities: Skylines (Xbox One) Review – Continued Structural Integrity

Cities: Skylines first launched in 2015 for PC users and it was widely considered to be the city building sim to own. It didn’t...
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Cities: Skylines Celebrates Two-year Anniversary with Free DLC

If you all didn't know, Cities: Skylines is being ported to the Xbox One in the spring, so you'd be forgiven in thinking that work on the PC version had slowed and been pushed to the side a little bit.
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Blimps and More come to Cities: Skylines in Mass Transit Expansion

Sure, you've got busses, trams, and trains, but what if your city dwellers want to travel in style? Well you'll be pleased to know that in the upcoming expansion for Cities: Skylines, that's exactly what's they can do.
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Cities: Skylines is Coming to Xbox One, Windows 10

Incredibly complex yet rewarding city builder, Cities: Skylines, is coming to consoles and Windows 10 Store later this year, Paradox Interactive has announced.
Cities Skylines Natural Disasters Livestream

New Cities: Skylines Livestream Guaranteed To Be Disastrous… In A Good...

We all love our Cities: Skylines creations. From humble beginnings to a gorgeous, intricate map of roads, landmarks and buildings, and before you know...
cities skylines match day

Cities: Skylines Celebrates the Euro 2016 with Stadium DLC

To celebrate the kick off of the Euro 2016 football event thing, Paradox Interactive has released a new bit of free DLC for Cities: Skylines called Match Day.
Cities Skylines: Snowfall

Cities Skylines: Snowfall Review

I don't think Colossal Order actually like snow, but they've given Cities Skylines snow DLC because everyone else loves snow. You see, in Cities Skylines, snow is a dick move. It builds up on the roads and slows down all the traffic. It lowers the temperature; forcing homeowners to turn up their heating which eats heavily into energy supplies, leading to shortages and outages.
cities skylines snowfall

Snowfall Due to Arrive in Cities: Skylines on February 18

The newest expansion for Paradox Interactive's city-builder, Cities: Skylines is set to arrive on February 18 the publisher announced this week.

Cities: Skylines is About to Get Chilly with New Expansion

First we had the darkness with Cities: Skylines - After Dark, now Winter is coming, in a brand new expansion Cities: Skylines - Snowfall, Paradox Interactive announced this week.

New Cities: Skylines Expansion Turns the Lights Out

Popular city building sim, Cities Skylines, is getting a new expansion, one that slips into something more comfortable and turns out the lights, as it's all about day and night cycles, baby.

Gamescom 2015: [email protected], Bloodstained, Cobalt & more

During the Mircosoft Gamescom 2015 brielfing there was a section just for [email protected] and all the great games coming to Xbox One thanks to the [email protected] program.

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