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Maxis Developer Launches Patreon to Create Buildings for Cities Skylines

Earlier this month EA announced that it was shutting down Maxis Emeryville, the company behind The Sims and of course SimCity. When EA announced the news and subsequently closed the studio, Bryan Shannon lost his job, so to make ends meet, he did what he does best by designing even more tiny buildings but this time they won't be for a new SimCity title, they're actually for Cities Skylines, and he's hoping you'll offer to pay for him to continue work.
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Cities: Skylines is Getting Pirated, Paradox Interactive Has a Solution

This weekend Paradox Interactive shared some information about their latest city building sim, Cities Skylines, revealing that in just 24 hours the game had sold 250,000 copies. What they also revealed was that by day 2, the game had been pirated by around 16 per cent of players. Though you might think this would cause Paradox to introduce some sort of measure to stop this, they've done one even better: provided a more superior experience for paying players, than pirates.

Cities: Skylines Sells 250K Copies in 24 Hours

Paradox Interactive announced this week that Cities: Skylines has set a new record for the publisher with the game shifting 250K copies in just 24 hours. That's a pretty impressive record for any publisher. The game's success is likely due to its absolutely enormous map, and city-sim fans wanting something better than EA's latest cash-grab, SimCity.

Cities: Skylines Development Diary & Livestream

Cities: Skylines - The SimCity We Wanted? Cities: Skylines looks to be everything SimCity (2013) wasn't. I've spent the last couple of days in my room...

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