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GRiD 2

Brand New GRiD 2 Drift Trailer & Track List Announcement

With only two weeks left until the launch of GRiD 2 we've been given another treat in the form of the third part of the World Series Racing video which showcases three more of the games various race types. Along with this we've also been given the huge list of tracks that'll be starring in the new game.
GRiD 2

GRiD 2 Multiplayer Details Announced

Yesterday Codemasters lifted the lid on GRiD 2's multiplayer mode which is set to fully immerse players in the GRiD racing world.

Race Driver: GRiD, A Game WAY Before It’s Time.

With the release of GRiD 2 only a few months away, and the Xbox sale last week cutting the price of Race Driver: GRiD down by about 80% I thought, "Why not give it a go!" So I did, and it's probably the best think that I've ever suggested to myself to do in a very long time...
GRiD 2

GRID 2 Gameplay Teaser Trailer – Ohhhh Yeahh!

Codemasters uploaded a sneak peak to their upcoming GRID game yesterday and I have to say, it looks fantastic. The video gives a taste of what to expect giving a snapshot of the relentless, high-impact and aggressive thrills that lie at the core of the game’s cinematic race experience.

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