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A Story About My Uncle Coming to Steam May 28, Trailer...

A Story About My Uncle, the first person platforming adventure game from developers Gone North Games with Coffee Stain Studios acting as publishers, has finally received a release date of May 28 on Steam. Along with the release date announcement Gone North have also released a gameplay trailer showing you some of the beautiful environments that you "couldn’t imagine existed."

Goat Simulator’s Plot Has More to it Than we Originally Thought.

Goat Simulator, the seemingly random open world sandbox game featuring overly buggy gameplay mechanics and a floppy goat as its main protagonist, actually has a plot according to developers Coffee Stain Studios, and it's somewhat depressing..

Goat Simulator Flops its Way Into a Boxed Edition on May...

Soon you'll be able to physically get your hands on a copy of Goat Simulator, the hilarious game that began as a game jam game from Coffee Stain Studios that took the internet by storm, as Kotch Media have announced the retail edition of Goat Simulator will be heading to retail on May 23 here in the UK.

Goat Simulator Review, There’s a New Kid on the Block.

Goat Simulator, a game that began as a game-jam experiment that turned into an internet sensation. Coffee Stain Studios had accidentally stumbles across something genius here. A game which seemed positively stupid and incomplete took the internet by storm with fans crying out for the game to be released, something that actually happened, and here's my thoughts.

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