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Three Crysis Games Now Available on Xbox One

Microsoft and Crytek have this week added three Crysis games to the Xbox One backward compatibility library.

Hunt: Showdown is Coming to Xbox One

During Microsoft's brief Gamescom briefing last week, the company announced that Crytek's multiplayer hunting survival game, Hunt: Showdown will be coming to Xbox One's Game Preview.

Hunt: Showdown Coming to Early Access, First-look Trailer Released

Crytek have released a twelve-minute gameplay trailer showing off their upcoming game, Hunt: Showdown, and it looks pretty damn incredible.

Crytek Announces Huge Warface Update

At Gamescom, Crytek announced a huge update coming to Warface that'll have players battling it out in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
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SEGA and The Creative Assembly Swoop in to Save Crytek Black...

Just ahead of Christmas last year Crytek was once again in a whirlwind of trouble as employees were reporting that they hadn't been paid for months. Crytek released a statement saying that they were restructuring and refocusing and as a result were closing several studios. One of those studios was Bulgaria-based Crytek Black Sea. However it's not the end for the studio as SEGA has swooped in to save the day.

Warface Gets New Publisher Following Crytek Woes

Before the new year rolled in Crytek was once again having financial issues causing most of its staff to be unpaid for a number of months. The company did reveal that it planned to close studios and refocus in 2017. Now, it looks as if we know the results of some of this refocusing as Crytek's free-to-play shooter, Warface, has today announced its new publisher, My.com.
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Crytek Finally (Sort of) Speaks Out About Woes, Closes Studios

Last week many reports surfaced to suggest that Crysis developer, Crytek, was once again having financial difficulties with staff being unpaid for months at a time. Now, the Frankfurt company has confirmed the news by announcing the closure of a number of studios and a plan to refocus in 2017.
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Uh-oh, Crytek are at it Again…

Back in 2014 the UK arm of Crytek ran into a bit of financial difficulty causing its staff to be unpaid for months at a time. Now, just two years later it looks like history is repeating itself though this time it's within the US arm of the company.

Ex-Crytek UK Game Director Reveals Details on Studio’s Past Troubles

2014 was a pretty rocky time for Crytek whose UK studio suffered some pretty dire financial troubles, so much so that there were reports that staff weren't being paid and the future of Homefront: The Revolution came into question. Fortunately Koch Media's Deep Silver stepped in and acquired both Crytek UK and the Homefront IP. While we were never sure what was happening over at the Nottingham-based studio, in an interview with The Guardian, Ex-Crytek UK Game Director Hasit Zala has revealed all.

Crytek’s Warface Adds Co-op Volcano Lair Raid Mission

It's been quite a while since we've talked about Crytek's free-to-play co-op FPS Warface here on n3rdabl3, but the premise alone of the new mission...

Crytek Unveils Next VR Project: The Climb

It looks like Crytek are finding a comfy spot right in the upcoming world of Virtual Reality as this week they've unveiled a brand new project; The Climb, an Oculus Rift title which has players take the role of a rock climber, and it truly sounds like the worst thing ever.

Crytek Unveils Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR

Remember Crytek's virtual reality demo titled "Back to Dinosaur Island"? Well before today that was just a technical demo for what Crytek can offer for VR, now it seems to have evolved into a fully playable game as at Sony's Paris Games Week event, Crytek announced Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR.
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Does your PC Run VR? Crytek and Basemark Hope Help you...

With almost every company launching some sort of virtual reality headset and developers working on bringing virtual reality support to their games, virtual reality in the home is becoming... a reality. But due to the demanding nature of VR not all PCs can run it. Fortunately, Crytek and Basemark are working on a tool to help you discover if you're set for VR.
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Crytek’s Back to Dinosaur Island VR Demo is Truly Breathtaking..

After last year's financial trouble Crytek has sort of found itself back in the shadows while the company licks its wounds. This has, at least for me, caused us to forget how actually stunning some of Crytek's work can be, but in a brand new video that's surfaced online we're reminded just how gorgeous some of the things Crytek can create, and it's got a bit of a bite too.
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Could Amazon be the Mystery Investor that Kept Crytek Afloat?

It's not that much of a secret that Crytek was in the shit last year, with Crytek UK taking a nosedive into the ground as staff refused to work until they were paid, the company eventually selling their UK arm as well as the game they were working on, Homefront: The Revolution, to Deep Silver, and eventually just disappearing into the background until recently when they revealed that a currently unnamed investor had helped them get back on their feet, thanks to a massive licencing deal.

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