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American Fugitive Screenshot

American Fugitive Review

I remember the first time I ever stepped foot into the world of Grand Theft Auto. It was in the late nineties and I'd discovered that magazines offered demo discs with games loaded on them. It was only a short snippet of the game, but its top-down free-for-all aesthetic had me hooked. Now, some 22 years later the GTA series has evolved into something we couldn't have possibly imagined back in the nineties, but I'm still incredibly fond of that top-down perspective of the early titles in the series.
American Fugitive Screenshot

American Fugitive to Break Out on May 21

Curve Digital and Fallen Tree Games' upcoming open-world sandbox game, American Fugitive, is set to land on PC and consoles from May 21. Announced earlier...
American Fugitive Screenshot

American Fugitive Breaks Out of Prison Later This Year

Curve Digital and Fallen Tree Games have announced their latest title, American Fugitive, an action open-world sandbox game that's like a modern classic GTA...

Pumped BMX Pro Review

Listen, I was a skater kid. I mean, I hated Avril Lavigne and I still do. I had a sick deck. I did the...

Bomber Crew Review (PS4)

I'll admit, I was a little in the dark about Bomber Crew. I remembered seeing a screenshot of it back when it launched on PC but I never committed whatever feeling it invoked to memory. Boy, was that a fucking mistake.

Bomber Simulation Game, Bomber Crew Announced

At Gamescom, Curve Digital and Runner Duck Games announced Bomber Crew, a brand new military bomber sim coming to Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Human: Fall Flat Flops Onto Consoles this Spring

Curve Digital and Tomas Sakalauskas have announced that their incredibly hilarious puzzle game, Human: Fall Flat, is set to splat onto consoles this Spring with some brand new content.
Dear Esther PS4 XO #1

Dear Esther is Coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 in September

If you were a huge fan of The Chinese Room's latest adventure, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, then you may be pleased to hear that their debut first-person narrative adventure Dear Esther is set to come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next month.
Dear Esther PS4 XO #1

Dear Esther Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

There's been a few titles in recent years that have sparked heated debate about what constitutes a "game". Titles that primarily involve striding through a bunch of usually serene environments piecing together a narrative from the clues and story beats directly or indirectly presented to you. This "walking simulator" genre arguably includes the likes of Gone Home, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and the game that practically popularized the genre, The Chinese Room's Dear Esther.
10 Second Ninja X

10 Second Ninja X Annouced for PC, PS4, Vita and Xbox...

Remember a little game by the name of 10 Second Ninja that released back on the PC in 2014? Well good news if you do, and even if you don't, because a sequel has been announced, dubbed 10 Second Ninja X.

Action Henk (Xbox One) Preview – A Butt Sliding Bonanza

Action Henk launched on Steam a little under a year ago now bringing fast-paced butt-sliding mayhem to PC players across the globe. It has some pretty fantastic reviews so when we were offered the chance to preview the game on Xbox One, we snapped it right up.

Action Henk Butt Slides onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with...

Rage Squid has announced that this March, everyone's favourite beer-bellied toy, Action Henk, is set to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, complete with a brand new local multiplayer race mode.
Curve Digital

Curve Digital and Kuju Announces Company Merge

UK publisher and developer Curve Digital is set to get acquired by Kuju ower The Catalis Group and see the two merge into Curve Digital Entertainment.
Stealth Inc 2

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones to Launch Exclusively on...

Curve Digital has today announced that they've partnered with Humble Bundle to bring Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones to PC exclusively via the Humble Store. This exclusive deal will be in affect until May 7, giving the Humble Store an entire months exclusivity on the release. Earlier this month, Curve Digital also revealed that Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is also set to make its way to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the very near future too.

Stealth Inc 2 Sneaking Onto Most Major Consoles

Remember when Stealth Inc 2 was announced as a WiiU exclusive last May? Well after 4 short months solely on the Wii U, Curve...

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