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Homefront: The Revolution Review – Too Many Cooks

As someone who never got around to playing the original Homefront, I was a little apprehensive about grabbing the game for review, fortunately following our interview with the developer at EGX last year, I was assured that the game wasn't a sequel, it was indeed a whole new game which should be accessible to anyone, regardless their experience with the last game, so with that being said, how exactly does the game feel to a Homefront noob?

Homefront: The Revolution Dev Acknowledges Performance Issues

Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios has acknowledged performance issues with its latest release, admitting that the framerate is “not currently where we want it to be"...

There’s More to the Story in this Homefront: The Revolution Trailer

More info on the story of Homefront: The Revolution has arrived in a brand new trailer just a week before the game launches.

Here’s the Opening Cinematic to Homefront: The Revolution

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios has this week unveiled the opening cinematic for their upcoming first person shooter, Homefront: The Revoluition, telling the backstory to the occupation of Philadelphia.

The Latest Homefront: The Revolution Trailer is On Fire

With the launch of Homefront: The Revolution just a few months away, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios has released a brand new trailer full of fire, showing the dark world of the upcoming shooter.
Homefront The Revolution Goliath Edition Packshot

Deep Silver Unveils Homefront: The Revolution Goliath Edition

Homefront: The Revolution, Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver's follow-up and kind-of soft reboot of the Homefront franchise is steadily drawing nearer, and for those who fancy getting that little bit more out of the US' fight against the Korean People's Army, Deep Silver have unveiled the game's Goliath Edition, a limited edition release that will include among other things a radio-controlled scale replica of one of the titular "Goliaths" - armed and armoured ATVs that form one of the KPA's most deadly "Counter-Insurgency" weapons - complete with working lights and six-wheel suspension.
homefront the revolution

Interview: Homefront: The Revolution Hopes to be a True Guerilla Fighting...

In amongst the hustle and bustle at EGX 2015 last week, located in the corner of the 18-section was Koch Media's booth, home to Homefront: The Revolution, a game which, from the outside, has had a bit of a rocky development, but offered a good 15 minutes of gameplay for players to sink their teeth into.

..And the Saga Continues. Koch Media Acquire Homefront IP, Nottingham-based Deep...

Following the news that Crytek was in financial trouble with many UK based employees yet to be paid and even a lot of upper staff walked out from the studio, everything seemed on the up with Crytek revealed that they had been in a "transitional phase" and that they secured capital to continue as an online-publisher, unfortunately not everything is as rosy as it seems as Kotch Media has just announced that they've acquired the Homefront brand and all coherent assets from Crytek and have Founded a new Nottingham based development studio to take over the development of Homefront: The Revolution.

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