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Dark Souls 2 Pre-orders Come with Armour Packs

Namco Bandai have announced that the pre-order only edition of Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 2: Black Armour Edition will come with five weapon...

Dark Souls II Japanese Collectors Edition Comes With an Arsenal of...

Dark Souls II fans in Japan will be pleased to know that Bandai Namco have revealed the collectors edition for the game which is set to contain a set of replica weapons from the game. Seriously, an entire arsenal of replica weapons, though they're miniature so don't expect to be slaying any demons with them, or you'll die, die, and die again.

Dark Souls 2: 12 Minute Gameplay and Hollow Invasions

The team at Playstation Access are a lucky bunch; they took some time out recently from their busy work schedules to test their thumbs on Dark Souls 2. Unsurprisingly, they died a lot, so much so in fact that Namco had to take over...

New Dark Souls II Trailer Invites You To Die

Namco Bandai have just released a brand new trailer for the highly awaited Dark Souls 2, which you can watch above.

Dark Souls II New Screenshots Crawl Out of the Mist

The gloomy RPG series continues in fine form with another huge helping of soul destroying death, dangerous and desolate settings and a generous serving of 'It's your fault you died' gameplay.

PlayStation 3 Dark Souls II Fans, Check Your PSN Inboxes!

This week PlayStation 3 users will get the chance to take part in the Dark Souls II network test which according to the games website is a "large-scale network stress test in order to perform a variety of technical tests on the online system.". The invites will be going out to select North and South American players as soon as today (11:00 a.m. PDT), with the network test beginning October 12.

Dark Souls II Collector’s Edition and Limited Black Armour Pre-Order Bonus...

Dark Souls II is scheduled to launch this March and to get you prepared for the launch Namco Bandai have announced the Collectors Edition as well as a limited Black Armour Pre-Order bonus which gives players a limited edition metal case that contains both the game disc and the official game soundtrack that is sure to stir emotions and set players’ mood for battle.

Dark Souls 2 Beta Sign-ups Now Open

Namco Bandai have confirmed that the first of two betas for Dark Souls 2 on PlayStation 3 will begin on October 12th for North America, Europe and Australia with a second beginning on October 27th.

Dark Souls 2 Teaser Trailer: Forging a Hero

I was a bit late on this band wagon, only playing the first bit of the original Dark Souls just last month when a friend brought it over when I was watching a family friend's dog for a few days, but that game made me sit on the edge of my seat for the meagre three hours I played it. It was unforgiving in some respects, making you loose all the well gained experience if you died, forcing you to hunt down your old body to regain that lost experience. I made a few wrong turns, which resulted in many a death. Even one that I had no idea was even going to happen. Well, let's just say that the new trailer from Namco Bandai and From Software has me a little intrigued in the sequel to this game.

Dark Souls 2 might release March 2014…?

....Well that is if a huge banner that’s supposedly being raised outside the E3 convention center is to go by.

Dark Souls 2 gameplay revealed

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Dark Souls game, Dark Souls 2 has finally gotten some gameplay to show off.

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