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Why 2011 was the Best Year for Gaming

2011, for some, was one of the busiest, most exciting years to be a gamer. It saw the release of some truly genre-defining titles...
From Software Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Screenshot

Why Dark Souls is a Modern Masterpiece

Dark Souls, you only need to hear the title for gamers to recoil in fear or become delighted, it’s the marmite of modern games,...

Dark Souls Trilogy Announced, Coming to Consoles This Year

Remasters, bundles, and re-releases are becoming a thing apparently (thanks Skyrim), and now, Bandai Namco are jumping on that bandwagon with the Dark Souls Trilogy.

Dark Souls Officially Confirmed for PC and Consoles, Including Switch

During a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini today, the company confirmed that Dark Souls Remastered would be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Dark Souls Remastered May Be Coming To Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Earlier on today Marcus Sellars, writer, reviewer and editor of various sites tweeted that Bandai Namco would be announcing Dark Souls remastered at an upcoming event.

Dark Souls – Return To Lordran Fan Event Begins Again Tonight!

In a short time the world of Lordran will be alive once again with the souls of the lost undead. What will hopefully and...
Far Cry® 4_20141127162343

6 Video Game Villains We Can’t Help But Love

Have you ever found yourself watching a villain on your screen and thinking "I’d be friends with that guy"? Because if so, you’re not alone.
Dark Souls 3

Could the Dark Souls Trilogy be Headed to Nintendo Switch?

Ever since the reveal of Nintendo's Switch console, and the swath of third-party developers onboard for the console, one stood out more so than...

n3rdabl3’s Top Five Board Games: Video Games Begging to be a...

With the tidal wave on interest behind it, it's fair to say that Dark Souls The Board Game is going to be huge. And with success like this, we might be seeing a few more video games make the leap from our screens to our tables.

Dark Souls Director is Already Working on a New IP

Despite the success, Dark Souls 3 is the end of the Souls series, confirmed From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki in an interview. Instead, From Software are already working on their next new IP as well as more DLC for the latest Dark Souls release.

Risk & Reward: A Brief History of Dark Souls

With Dark Souls III on it's way in the west in a few weeks, what better than a look into the infinite depth of the challenging series. A suspicious glance at just how From Software managed to become one of the most lauded developers in recent years due to the risk they took releasing a game that was far removed from our comfort zones in modern age gaming consisting of two minute checkpoints, infinite saves and on-rails action, that it could have failed severely. What is it that has drawn over eight and a half million gamers to launch themselves into the punishing worlds of Dark Souls and slog their way to the end, just to go back and do it all again in new game plus? The answer is simple: Risk equals reward...

Dark Souls III Xbox One Listing Confirms Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility

It seems Microsoft have a number of backwards compatible titles in the works for the Xbox One. We've already had evidence that Red Dead Redemption could be getting backwards compatibility, and now Dark Souls is also a possibility.

Titan Comics Announces Dark Souls Comic Series

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Dark Souls III, Titan Comics has announced that it'll be launching a comic book based on the insanely difficult game from From Software.

Escap3: Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls

This short series of features is centered on the use of gaming as a form of escapism. Some may argue that all games can be used in this way, but none so much as a few titles that really suck you into their worlds, lore and style of gaming. I'll be covering a few of the titles that have been amazingly helpful in the face of crises over the span of my life and hopefully, give some insight into why they're so therapeutic in the first place.

Dark Souls “Limbo” Mod is Weird Yet Strikingly Beautiful

I didn't know the Dark Souls modding scene was still in full force but lo and behold, about a month ago this sweet little...

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