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Dark Souls II

Dark Souls 2: To DLC or Not to DLC, That is...

Last December in a conversation with Edge, Takeshi Miyazoe (Producer, Dark Souls 2) argued strongly against the idea of DLC for Dark Souls 2...

Dark Souls 2: 12 Minute Gameplay and Hollow Invasions

The team at Playstation Access are a lucky bunch; they took some time out recently from their busy work schedules to test their thumbs on Dark Souls 2. Unsurprisingly, they died a lot, so much so in fact that Namco had to take over...
Dark Souls Giant

New ‘Dark Souls II’ Screens and Character Art

Did somebody say... Dark Souls? Eh, well... a whole new set of screenshots and character art appeared online this morning for Dark Souls II from Namco Bandai.

DARK sneaks it’s way onto Xbox Live Games on Demand.

Are you yet to pick up a copy of Realmforge Studios vampire themed stealth action game Dark? Well now it's even easier as the game is now available to download from Xbox Live Games on Demand.

DARK Review, It’s a complete nightmare.

Dazed and confused is how you begin, you're Eric, a seemingly ordinary guy with a penchant for narrating his life often providing you with random monologues describing the situation which you yourself are also experiencing. You soon discover that you're a vampire, but you have no idea why, you're clueless; which is one word I'd use describe the way I felt throughout most of the game.

New DARK Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay Footage

Kalypso Media released a brand new video for DARK which focuses on several of the special attacks and powers available to players in the upcoming vampire-themed stealth action game.

New DARK trailer shows off sweet vampire skills.

DARK, the upcoming stealth action game with RPG elements, showed off a new action filled trailer...

DARK a New Stealth Action-RPG with Vampires!

The current theme of most of today's games is Zombies. There's zombie shooters, zombie survival games and zombie themed horror games, so when I heard about DARK it was refreshing to see that it had a new type of horror character that I haven't seen in video games for a long time, and that's Vampires...

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