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The n3rdcast Episode #19 | KEVIN SPACEY

After performing a song dedicated to Kevin Spacey, we talk Godzilla's figure, why Brian didn't like Daylight too much, and what games are coming soon to keep an eye out for. We let you in on where you can see a new Unreal Tournament revealed, then get deep into EA and Comcast, and how they will combat Xbox TV. After discussing the merits and downfalls of the First Amendment, we get into the newly announced COD: Advanced Warfare, and what it will mean for gaming at large. We wrap up with a little friendly betting, and some choice wisdom from your hosts.

Daylight Review

A game that got my heart-rate high, but couldn't keep it there.

Daylight Is Arriving Later than Planned on April 29, Delayed to...

Daylight the procedurally generated horror game coming to the PC and PS4 has received a new release date. A new trailer was released yesterday announcing the new date as April 29th. The reason for the delay? To make it scarier.

Daylight Available for Pre-Order on Steam

Daylight is available on Steam for Pre-Order...and it has a nice little gift for those that take advantage,

Horror game Daylight has Launch Date for PC and PS4 (Updated)

The Oculus Rift ready horror game in development by Zombie Studios has a release window for PC and PS4! Mentioned by Jarred Gerritzen, Studio Director, in an IGN video walkthrough, the game will be shipping in April...

New Daylight trailer is chilling and grim.

Atlus has just released a new trailer for the upcoming Zombie Studios horror survival game, Daylight. Created with the unreal engine 4 the trailer showcases some of it's gorgeous and pretty grim visuals.

Zombie Studios Reveal Story Elements and New Screenshots for Daylight.

Zombie Studios have revealed some interesting story elements behind their survival horror title Daylight where players take the role of Sarah Gwynn in a first person perspective with nothing but the light from her smartphone to guide her way through the insanely terrifying Mid Island Bay Hospital. Oh and there's some spooktacular screenshots too, more than fitting for Friday the 13th eh?

Get Your Pants Scared Off With Daylight For PS4 In 2014

From the masterminds at Zombie Studios, comes a terrifying game, Daylight, set to release in 2014 for the PS4 and PC as a downloadable title. The publishers at Atlus gave gamers a bit of a teaser on June 6 and really scared the pants off of viewers who were brave enough to take a look at it. Zombie Studios, who also has Blacklight Retribution in the works, built this amazing scare fest on the Unreal Engine 4. Jessica Chobot, who is the voice of the main character, wrote the amazing story.

New Daylight Gameplay Video is Terrifying.

When I first heard about Daylight it gave me a little bit of hope for the current state of the 'survival horror' genre. I'm not one that enjoys those types of games, but I could see that the genre was starting to shift more towards the use combat and having almost a first person shooter element to it. What was lacking was a real scary game that left you feeling vulnerable as well as engaged with the games story. Everything about Daylight pointed at just that, and now there's evidence to prove it.

Zombie Studios Daylight Set To “Revive Horror Games”.

I'm a big fan of Zombie Studios, they've brought out some cracking games like Blacklight: Retribution and Special Forces: Team X and I'm super exited (sort of) to hear about their latest venture - Daylight - a brand new game built on the Unreal Engine 4 that's set to revive the horror game genre.

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