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Green Arrow

4 Interesting Facts About Green Arrow

Green Arrow is kind of like Batman if Batman shot arrows and was fond of the color green. Of course, that's one way to...
batman and robin comic

Four Facts About Four Different Robins

Robin has been watching Batman's back for nearly 80 years through the highs and the lows. Along the way, we've seen a whole bunch...

A DC UNIVERSE Restaurant to be Built in the UK

In surprising news today we've learned that comic book giant, DC Comics, is attempting to build a high-end cuisine based upon the DC Multiverse...

Doom Patrol Gets a Freaky Live Action Promo Debut

The DC UNIVERSE streaming service has just released a new trailer for the world's most Dysfunctional Super-Hero Team Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol is an organization...

Reign of the Supermen Review

Warner Bros. Invited us along to a special double feature screening of Death of Superman followed by the new Reign of the Supermen, something...

‘Aquaman’ Review

People have been telling me for years that an Aquaman movie could never happen. But when even Antman got his own movie,...

Suicide Squad 2 Officially Written by James Gunn

In the latest episode of DC Daily, the rebranded DC videocast, the company officially confirmed rumors that James Gunn was on board to write Suicide Squad 2.

Harley Quinn Animated Series Announces Cast

Arkham Asylum's most charismatic homicide inmate, Harley Quinn, is finally getting her very own show starring 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory's star Kaley Cuoco.

Birds of Prey Casts its Huntress and Black Canary

Warner Bros. has confirmed who'll be playing Huntress and Black Canary in their upcoming movie, Birds of Prey, which is set to land in February 2020.

Shazam! Reveals a (Captain) Marvel-ous New Trailer

This weekend at SDCC Shazam! received its first teaser trailer showing Chuck's Zachary Levi as the titular superhero.

Aquaman Makes a Splash in First Trailer

Aquaman, one of the most anticipated DC Extended Universe movies since Wonder Woman, has finally received a trailer, and it doesn't look half bad.
Titans Special #1

I’m rather interested in Titans Special #1

It's nearly Wednesday and were now in the Summer, the big story events are cooking and the books are a coming. So what I'm looking at this week?

Catwoman Gets a Whole New Costume

DC Comics has unveiled a brand new look at Catwoman in her new costume, which makes sense considering a number of big things are about to happen.

DC’s Birds of Prey Movie is like an “R-Rated Girl Gang”...

Margot Robbie has recently spoken out about the upcoming DC Entertainment movie, Birds of Prey, describing the flick as an "R-rated girl gang film."

3 DC Characters that Could get the Batman Ninja Treatment

I can't express how much fun Batman Ninja looks. An animated movie that combines anime with the world of Batman. The story sees the Dark Knight along with his allies and enemies transported back to Feudal Japan and do battle like they always do.

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