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A brief history of Green Arrow

So I think I may have under estimated how popular Green Arrow is. On the outside Green Arrow looks like a gimmicky superhero which has basically been kept alive by the nostalgic whims of older writers. Whilst this character seemed to be kept on life support the comparisons with the most popular non powered billionaire seem hard to resist.

A brief history of The Green Lantern

First, for a brief history of The Green Lantern forget the film 'Green Lantern'. Once you've done that we'll begin with telling you about Hal Jordan.
Teen titans go

Getting animated

So as you've probably noticed the superhero genre has swung into animation. Currently like anything in comics it tends to be a two horsed race between DC and Marvel.

Scribblenauts Unmasked Featuring Your Favourite DC Superheroes

Scribblenauts has become one of the most popular free-thinking game's that I've ever seen. The limitless possibilities available in this game not only make you spoiled for choice but also make it impossibly hard to decide what exactly to do. With over 20,000 words in the games dictionary why don't we add 2,000 DC superheroes into the mix to make things even more interesting?

Batman: Arkham Origins teaser trailer revealed.

Batman makes a return today with no Christian Bale in sight, as we're treated to the first teaser for Batman: Arkham Origins, ahead of the full trailer release on May 20th...
Infinite Crisis

A breakdown of Infinite Crisis

DC and Warner Bro's are releasing a downloadable game which gives you the chance to universe jump and see popular characters in a whole new light. Infinite Crisis began it's closed beta on the 8th of May and the game will see characters like Batman being re-imagined in different scenarios through a series of alternate universes.

Take a Super Look at Superman

So you might have guessed why I’m writing this article at this specific time. It could have something to do with Superman returning the big screen and what is hinted as being the start of the Justice League film continuity. It might have something to do with the initial good things people are hearing about the production so far. Or maybe it has something to do with it being the 75th anniversary of the character?

Check Out This Infographic On Your Favourite DC Super Villains!

This is a fantastic follow on from our post about newcomers and comics and our first post on DC Superheroes, to celebrate the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has commissioned something awesome for newcomers to comics, and something essential for die-hard fans alike; an infographic that details some of the key Characters from the universe.
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us Demo | First Impressions.

From the creators of the Mortal Kombat series comes a new and fresh fighting game with your favourite DC comic book characters. This isn't the first time that they've made a fighting game with DC characters though. Back in 2008 they made a game called Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, it was a good game but the fatalities sucked a bit. (And before you ask there are no fatalities in Injustice).
Karate Kid

A Brief History Of The Karate Kid.

This 'a brief history of..' series will act as your caped crusaders guide to the world of comic characters. Giving everyone a chance to learn more about the world of comics...
Holy cover bag !

How To Get Into Comics

Editors Note: Let me introduce our latest writer Josh Francis, he's our resident comic book nerd and will be supplying you with comic book related columns for...

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