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Joss Whedon Exits Batgirl Movie, In Talks with new Director

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joss Whedon has stepped off the directors chair for the upcoming Batgirl movie, but Warner Bros. might be in talks with a new director already.

Why I like Batman Gotham Knight

In the wake of DC announcing a Batman-themed anime movie which mashes up the style of Batman with the style of Afro Samurai, but what if I told you this wasn't the Dark Knights first foray in anime?

Titans Hawk and Dove Costumes Revealed

DC Entertainment has unveiled our first look at Hawk and Dove, two of the characters in their upcoming super hero show, Titans.
Batman Ninja Still

DC Unveils First Batman Ninja Trailers

DC Comics have released the first trailers for Batman: Ninja from New York Comic Con earlier this year.

Here’s Our First Look at Brenton Thwaites’ Robin in Titans

It was a pretty busy weekend for DC as they displayed the first image of Robin for their live action Titans series portrayed by Brenton Thwaites, the first live action Robin since Batman and Robin.

n3 Gift Guide 2017 – Comics 101!

Christmas is on the way and you're finding yourself needing to buy something for your comic book loving friend or family member. If you're...

Three Things I’d Like To See Superman Fight

Superman is one tough cookie. Hands down he's probably one of the strongest superheroes in fiction, but he always finds someone bigger and meaner to scrap with. Take characters like Doomsday and Darkseid, they knock him around and he keeps getting back up until he gets the job done.

Bendis Signs Exclusively to DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis is probably a name you know well if you read Marvel Comics over the past 15 years or so, he's been involved in some of the biggest stories in the Marvel Universe. Well, now he's making the move over to the other side signing exclusively to DC Comics.

Gareth Evans (The Raid) To Direct Standalone Deathstroke Movie

Gareth Evans, known mostly for directing the excellent action films The Raid and The Raid 2: Berandal will be directing the upcoming Deathstroke film.

Amanda Connor & Jimmy Palmiotti Leaving Harley Quinn

For the past four years Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti have been writing the solo Harley Quinn book, but sadly their run on the...
batman and robin comic

Five Obscure Facts About The Batman Comics

Holy tired joke Batman, when it comes to uncovering fresh facts about Batman it can be a little tough with one of the world's favourite superheroes getting a lot of attention in the press recently.

Five Things You Should Know About Nightwing

Nigthwing, the sidekick of Batman who went and did good. The orphan acrobat went from sidekick to hero in his own right and his 70+ years of existence have been quite interesting.

Madefire Announce Massive DC Comics Expansion

Madefire, one of the leading apps for digital comics and Motion Books, has announced an agreement with DC Comics to expand its service to include thousands of DC favourites to the platform.

Three Reasons Why the Legion of Superheroes Should be a Fighting...

Fighting games are making a splash once again as games such as Street Fighter V and Injustice 2 have revived this classic arcade genre. But think about it, those are two really different kinds of fiction: Big muscly dudes who know Karate throwing energy blasts at each other, and dudes in tights and capes throwing energy blasts at each other.

Wonder Woman and Conan are Getting a Shared Universe!

DC and Dark Horse are teaming up for a cross-over of legendary proportions. Wonder Woman writer, Gail Simone, and artist, Aaron Lopresti are returning...

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