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Why 2006 Is The Best Year In Gaming

Here we sit in 2019, lamenting what has happened to video games over the last few years. There has been a whole host of...

Capcom Finally Unveils the Release Date for Dead Rising Remasters

After announcing that Dead Rising 1, 2, and Off the Record, would be coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, Capcom has left us all in suspense as we wonder when exactly these games are coming. Now, we finally have a release date.
dead rising 2 off 2

First Batch of Screenshots Arrive for Dead Rising Remasters

Capcom finally confirmed last week that remasters of its debut Dead Rising game as well as its sequel, would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Although we don't know when, we know who'll be behind the game as well as what they'll look like.

Dead Rising and Sequels Will be Coming to PC, Xbox One,...

Yesterday we wrote about the recent spotting of PlayStation 4 trophies for Dead Rising, suggesting that the game could be coming to Sony's console. Now, Capcom have confirmed the news and have revealed that it'll be coming to more than just PlayStation 4.

The First Dead Rising Game Could be Shuffling onto PlayStation 4

It's looking like the original Dead Rising game, which launched in 2006, may be getting the remastered treatment, or at least a current-gen re-release, as the PS4 trophies for the game have surfaced online.

Dead Rising: Watchtower Comes to Xbox a Week Early

Those with the Crackle app will be able to watch the film on March 20th, those without Microsoft consoles will have to wait until the 27th.

Dead Rising 3 Demo Now Available in the Xbox Marketplace, New...

After shelling out over £450 for the Xbox One console and then probably another £50 on a game or two of your choice, you're probably pretty reluctant to take the plunge and purchase another one of the many Xbox One exclusives, it looks like Microsoft are here to save the day however as they've just released a Dead Rising 3 demo onto the Xbox Marketplace!

Dead Rising 3 Limited to Two Players due to Networking Strains.

Dead Rising 3 is one of the many exclusive launch titles for the Xbox One. Though it'll contain a vast single player campaign the multiplayer is only limited to two players, not that Capcom didn't want more but "rough tests" proved that more than two players in a game resulted in networking strains which caused problems with the game.

Dead Rising 3: ‘No two zombies will be the same’ says...

Remember that Zombie you smashed with a sledgehammer? His twin brother watched on as you splattered his brother’s brains out, but don’t worry he’s also a zombie so you do the same. Did I forget to mention their living undead cousin saw that? Who also happens to look like the brothers you cut down?

E3 | Dead Rising 3 – Zombie Beatdown Lowdown

Dead Rising 3 was unveiled by Capcom during Microsoft's E3 press conference and everyone around the world went from going "oh look, zombies" to "Holy hell I need this in my life". Or was that just me? Either way here is n3rdable3's quick lowdown on what is coming in Dead Rising 3 from what was taken from the gameplay showing during the conference.

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