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The Surge 2 Key Art

The Surge 2 to Launch this September

Focus Home Interactive has today announced that their upcoming ARPG sequel, The Surge 2, will be launching on September 24, 2019. Following a lovely leak,...

The Surge’s New Expansion Unveiled in Teaser Trailer

Deck13 has announced a brand new expansion for The Surge called The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented, which brings along a new area, new enemies, and more.

To Hell With Hell is a Bullet-Hell Roguelike in a Bikini

To Hell With Hell is an upcoming bullet-hell roguelike from Lazurite Games and published by Deck13. It's set to hit Early Access on July 19.

E3 2018: The Surge 2 will Feature an Open World, Custom...

The Surge, Deck 13's first steps into the Soulsbourne style of gameplay was met with mixed feelings. The game was unique in a number of ways,...

The Surge 2 Announced, Coming 2019 for Consoles and PC

The Surge publisher Focus Home Interactive have this morning announced that they've renewed their partnership with Deck13 to bring The Surge 2 to consoles and PC in 2019.

The Surge – A Walk in the Park Review

The Surge - A Walk in the Park is the first major update to the sci-fi Souls-like title and it's a pretty good one...

The Surge Review – No Vital Signs Found

I can almost guarantee that "Soulslike" is a term which is likely going to soon be used to describe this new era of "hardcore RPGs" which punish the player for the most smallest mistake. The Surge is the latest "Soulslike" game from the developers of another "hardcore RPG", Lords of the Fallen. But can it shake the Dark Souls comparison, or is it the same-old Dark with different Souls?

Here’s the Launch Trailer for The Surge

Although The Surge doesn't launch until May 16, Focus Home Interactive have released the launch trailer for the hardcore RPG.

The Surge has Gone Gold, Here’s How It’ll Perform on PS4...

Deck13's upcoming hardcore action RPG, The Surge, has gone gold publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced. To celebrate, they've detailed the game's improvements on PS4 Pro.

New Trailer for The Surge Shows Looting Mechanic

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have revealed a brand new trailer for The Surge which demonstrates the game's unique looting mechanic.

The Surge Finally has a Release Date

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 has today announced the long-awaited release date for The Surge.

You Thought Your Day was Going Bad? Check Out This Trailer...

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming hardcore RPG, The Surge, which makes your bad day at the office look like a stubbed toe.

Here’s Another Four Minutes of Gameplay from The Surge

As we happily wave farewell to 2016, we reluctantly welcome 2017 into our lives, and while happier times are surely in the agenda, Focus Home Interactive wants to remind us once again what it has in store for us in the new year, one of those things is Deck 13's ARPG, The Surge.

Here’s a Closer Look at Mini Bosses you’ll face in The...

Deck 13 have unveiled a handful of screenshots for their upcoming "hardcore action-RPG", The Surge, which gives us a little gander at some of the intense mini-bosses that we'll be facing in the game when it eventually launches next year.

Want to Know What The Surge is About? Here’s a 15...

If you were wondering what Deck 13's action RPG, The Surge, is actually about and how it plays, then good news, the developers have released a 15 minute gameplay trailer at Gamescom.

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