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Meet the Bomb Shells of Agents of Mayhem

Deep Silver and Volition have unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming action game, Agents of Mayhem, which introduces players to The Bomb Shells.

Agents of Mayhem Trailer is Just as Profane as Saints Row

Deep Silver and Volition have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming open-world action game, Agents of Mayhem, and despite being loosely connected to the Saints Row series, you can already see the influence.

Dreamfall Chapters Review

Dreamfall Chapters is an emotional, nail-biting and enchanted journey with a unique plot. Though I haven’t played the two games that came before it,...
Saints Row GOG Sale

Get Saints Row 2 Free and Saints Row IV Cheap &...

Do you fancy playing the Saints Row games offline at any time anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money?
homefront the revolution

Homefront: The Revolution “Released Too Early” says Deep Silver

In a recent interview with MCV, publisher Deep Silver talked about Homefront: The Revolution and how it was "less of a success" then they...
Persona 5

Heartbreak as Persona 5 delayed till April 4th

Persona 5, previously set for a Valentine's Day release on February 14th, has been delayed until April 4th. Atlus annouced via a Twitch steam that...

New Metro Game Won’t be Coming in 2017 After All

Following yesterday's report that a Metro 2035 video game would be arriving next year, publisher Deep Silver has clarified that this is, sadly, false.
homefront the revolution

Homefront: The Revolution is Free on Steam This Weekend

Deep Silver has announced that PC players will be able to play their latest shooter, Homefront: The Revolution for free on Steam this weekend thanks to the "Free Weekend" promotion.
Persona 5

SEGA of America and Atlus Partner with Deep Silver to bring...

There's been a bit of a rocky shake-up with Atlus and its potential publishing partners following the company severing its ties with NIS America. Following this many weren't sure what would be happening with the company's games, until they were acquired by SEGA of America. But what about Europe?

Mighty No.9: “It’s Better Than Nothing,” Says Keiji Inafune

The launch of Mighty No.9 is finally upon us, and if the early reviews are anything to go by, it's not exactly looking great for the game, which managed to raise almost $4 million on Kickstarter.

Here’s the Launch Trailer for Mighty No. 9

Surrounded by drama, the Mega Man spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9 is finally upon us and to celebrate, here's a launch trailer.

Saints Row Developers Unveil New Game, Agents of Mayhem

A little while ago, Deep Silver filed a trademark for a new title called "Agents of Mayhem" which at the time we presumed was the subtitle for an unannounced Saints Row game, however, Deep Silver and Volition have today announced said game, and it's a completely new IP.
dead island steam

Dead Island 2’s Steam Page Disappears, Deep Silver Reassures Fans

Following Deep Silver parting ways with the original developer of Dead Island 2, Yager, the company revealed that Sumo Digital would be taking the reigns and development would continue, however this morning the Steam Page for the game completely vanished, making us wonder whether Dead Island 2 has been canned completely.

Dead Island Definitive Collection for PS4 Contains One Game On-disc

With the launch of Dead Island Definitive Collection just around the corner, it's been discovered that PS4 copies of the game feature just one game on-disc with players having to download Dead Island Riptide if they want to play that too.
homefront the revolution

Homefront: The Revolution Review – Too Many Cooks

As someone who never got around to playing the original Homefront, I was a little apprehensive about grabbing the game for review, fortunately following our interview with the developer at EGX last year, I was assured that the game wasn't a sequel, it was indeed a whole new game which should be accessible to anyone, regardless their experience with the last game, so with that being said, how exactly does the game feel to a Homefront noob?

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