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Defiance Finally Gets a Player Marketplace, The Exchange

One of the most requested features of Trion Worlds open-world sci-fi RPG was the ability to buy and sell items to other players, and now that feature has finally landed on the MMO with the name, The Exchange.

Defiance TV Show Gets the Chop, Game will Continue

Defiance, the TV show that's also a game, has received the axe after three seasons. SyFy's transmedia show did pretty well, but sadly its run has come to an end. But what does that mean for the video game? Nothing, actually.

Defiance MMO TV Show Tie-in Gets Renewed for a Third Season

Good news Defiance fans! Whether you're a fan of the TV show or a fan of the now free-to-play MMO, or both, there's some great news! The show has been renewed for a third season by SyFy! Both Trion Worlds announced the news last week which means great things for both the game and fans for the show!

Trion’s MMO Defiance Becomes Free-to-Play on PC!

Last month Defiance developers Trion announced that the massive open world MMO that ties in with the SyFy TV show of the same name will be going free to play on PC, PlayStation 3, and PC in the Summer. Well, the Summer hasn't really rolled around weather-wise here in the UK just yet, but Defiance is now free-to-play on PC with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions also going free to play on July 15.

Defiance Goes Free to Play in the Summer.

Remember Defiance? The massively multiplayer shooter which launched last year along side the sci-fi TV show of the same name? If you do and you spent full price on the game at launch, you might have mixed feelings about the latest news from Defiance developers Trion Worlds.

Defiance The Castithan Charge DLC finally priced and dated.

We've been sitting here waiting since April to find out when The Castithan Charge DLC is going to be released and it seems that we finally have answers - not that there's not a wealth of things to do in Defiance, but it's about time for something new.

Defiance Developer Trion Worlds Hit by big Layoffs following Rift Free-to-Play...

Developer of Defiance and Rift has reportedly been hit by a high number of layoffs. This news comes following the recent announcement of Rift gradually transitioning to the free-to-play model.

Defiance Hits 1 Million Registered Players

Defiance the open world, multiplayer focussed game from Trion Worlds has officially reached 1 million registered players since it's launch on Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3 just one month ago.

Defiance: Initial Review

DefianceIt might be hard to remember at times but Defiance is an MMO. Though it’s surface impression is that of a third person shooter, and a good one at that, the core game functions are all centered around online multiplayer. As all MMO games are large and every changing, Defiance more so than others with a tie in TV series, it’s difficult to pick when to review such game. However, having spent many hours on Defiance I feel it’s time to give the game a few words. The question is, does this hybrid MMO shooter do the job well?

Defiance devs reward players with a ‘thank you’ gift…

As we continue to work on our review of Defiance, the team who works on Defiance over at Trion Worlds have sent out a little gift to current players.

Defiance Launch Trailer

Trion Worlds were please to announce the launch of Defiance yesterday with this fantastic launch trailer showing off some of the fantastic world and gameplay that can be had within it.

Defiance’s Final Beta Weekend Details

Upcoming game Defiance is set to get it’s final beta test weekend on March 22th - 24th. This time around both PS3 and xbox 360 players will get to take part in the beta ahead of the games release on April 2nd. On top of that the NDA will be lifted which means users will be able to post about the beta. details and invites to the final beta will be sent out in the following days...

Defiance Season Pass Confirmed.

Defiance, the upcoming MMO shooter from Trion Worlds set for release on April 2nd on multiple platforms, has be confirmed to be getting a season pass.
PlayStation 4 Event

The PlayStation 4 Event Had No PlayStation 4.

After a late night of trying to watch the most appalling live stream ever I've woken up with bleary eyes and an overwhelming feeling that I stayed up till around 1:30 am to watch a bunch of gameplay trailers, and a closer look at a controller we've seen already..

Namco Bandai Group to Distribute Defiance in Europe.

We previously mentioned Defiance a few weeks ago showcasing the teaser trailer for the huge multiplayer co-op combat that you can expect to experience...

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